February 6, 2023

Do you know what “Hakuna matata” means?

Hakuna matata is a beautifully, wonderfully phrased, problem-free philosophy that means “No worries for the rest of your days.” It is a phrase popularized in the movie “The Lion King,” where the characters live happily and freely.

In the movie, Simba, the main character, runs away from his home and is about to give up. Suddenly, a meerkat and warthog appear out of nowhere and help the cub by breaking into a song randomly, the famous musical number, “Hakuna matata.” The music and its words inspired Simba to live his life to its fullest and let go with no worries.

This scene teaches us to assess our situation, relax, and take a break when needed. It also teaches us to be courageous and not give up.

As Simba gets to know Timon and Pumbaa, the warthog, he realizes how refreshing their life is and learns how they do things. They are contented and are fortunate enough to have a home and to be able to do whatever they want. Not only does the phrase get used in movies, but people can also use it in everyday life.

Hakuna matata. No worries. Of course, the phrase seems to be easier said than done, especially now with all our societal problems, such as the pandemic, diseases, poverty, hunger, racism, and corruption.

Don’t get me wrong. There are things we need to be worried about but there are also many other things which should not cause unnecessary worrying.

 Maybe one secret to being free from unnecessary worries is to learn to be content with what you have, to count your blessings, to stop comparing yourself to others.

You are not as beautiful as your classmate? Hakuna matata. Beauty can come from within – from having a beautiful and kind heart. Hakuna matata. At least you look normal, with normal facial features.

You don’t have the latest model of smart phone? Hakuna matata. Your phone allows you to call, text, and search the web, doesn’t it?

You don’t have a new pair of sneakers like your best friend has? Hakuna matata. At least you have something to wear. Look at the other students who use slippers to go to school.

You are not the number one in class? Hakuna matata. As long as you know you did your best. Grades are not always a guarantee of success in life. Albert Einstein, genius and inventor, did not do well in school either. You have other intelligences that may compensate for IQ.

Quitting worrying doesn’t mean being unconcerned about the important things that matter in life – good health, a healthy environment, positive relationships, a peaceful life. Choose what you will worry about wisely. Try to live a worry and problem-free life because a life full of stress isn’t as exciting and fun.

Nevertheless, when an obstacle is in our way, just remember the phrase hakuna matata and keep going. There are things that are just beyond your control. In these instances, hakuna matata. Stop. Smell the roses, count the blessings, and let God take over.

A worry-free life tends to be too much to ask these days. It appears to be entirely society’s fault that there are too many rules and demands for our lives to be worry-free. But if we stopped caring and rejected some of society’s rules and expectations, we may be able to do anything.

All our worrying gets us nowhere. I believe life should be full of adventures because we only live once. I feel that we should take chances. I believe we should bear everything that life has to offer. Every day, we enjoy smiling and being grateful to be alive. I feel we should be less concerned with school, family, and friends and just chill, go with the flow of life.

Having problems with school? Problems with friends and family? Problems with the Internet and social media? Hakuna matata! No worries! We will get through it.