December 3, 2023

While artificial intelligence (AI) technology may eliminate some work, it can potentially generate new jobs and even hybrid ones over the next few years, according to experts.

Raymond Cardino, Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) module developer, said AI technology can create job opportunities, including engineers, scientists, user experience (UX) designers, cybersecurity, AI researchers, designers, artists, and developers.

“I think that is a new trending work. Now, we have data scientists because there is a lot of data that is going to be accumulated with all these,” he said during the recent Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIRe) Skills Week celebration.

Daniel Enriquez, executive director at Animation Council of the Philippines Inc. (ACPI), considered AI as the “new vehicle” right now, likening it when automobiles replaced horses and carriages during the rise of the Industrial Revolution and new employment opportunities arose.

“In our time right now, it is the same thing. AI is the new car, AI is the new vehicle. Therefore, we would need new engineers (such as) AI engineers that would craft special AI specialized software for creatives,” he said.

Enriquez said the country can also specialize in other areas involving a lot of “human intervention” which the AI technology cannot do, such as health services and manufacturing.

“So for training education, it is possible to do that. Even the type of education that we have – whether it be upskilling, whether it be an undergraduate program or module – you could use animation so that we could entice and gain the attention of you watching. Think of the boring things – physics for example, algebra, calculus – you can teach that using animation and still the design for that one is not yet done by AI. The creativity of people is still there,” he said.

Enriquez also cited entrepreneurship which will require jobs necessary to cater to the needs of the business.

“Let’s just say AI engineering or consultancy work or something like data analytics specific for new media markets,” he added.

“AI can look for the analytics, AI can look for the different sources but the way to get the audience, there is still need for human intervention. And human intervention is the one that is going to be viable in the future.”

Enriquez said there are a lot of opportunities brought about by AI, analytics, cybersecurity, creatives, and animation.

“The time of growth is now but you have to choose,” he advised. “Do not spread yourself into many things because if you do, you will lose. Put your energy into something manageable that you can keep on doing (it) every day, you could master, and once you do that, it might lead to something very, very beneficial.”
Enriquez also highlighted the growth of hybrid occupations over the next few years.

He cited Amazon Philippines, which is into e-commerce and user experience (UX), and may need UX developers and 3D artists to conceptualize their products.

“You have just to be prepared to know that in this particular industry, it might be possible that you might have certain skills that would have a primary then a secondary or tertiary (skills). It is very much possible and has been happening ever since – things like you are good in production but you are also good in project management.

You are good at doing creative work but you also know how to cost so therefore you are part of cost management. You are a marketer but you also know production so that you could at least give a ballpark figure and you could secure the account,” he added. – Press release