June 1, 2023

Dear Manang,
How do I fight for a verbal promise? Only I heard the promise of a dying friend that I could get a part of the proceeds of a property that he owned. I don’t have the papers and I told the brother that I was told that he would honor this. To my dismay, he said the house was not even under my friend’s name and he had no right to promise it to anyone. Should I just let it go?
Argon of Everlasting Alley, Baguio City

Dear Argon,
In this day and age when the paper is evidence to ownership and not just any paper at that, you have not got a prayer to get property that wasn’t even you friend’s to give. Of course, it is awesome to think that you can get something like that from a close friend but for relatives to honor it will be great but not real. The power is theirs because this is their property long before you existed. Treat it like a good dream because if it came true then it would be a jackpot. Just bless them all.
Be glad for the friendship,

Dear Manang,
I am not rich but I have friends who are. Sometimes, I feel out of place because there are times when they seem to ignore me or what I have to say. There are times when I think that I shouldn’t mingle with them anymore but there are times when I say it might just be my inferiority complex that is coming to fore. I also feel that I shouldn’t say anything because they know everything. I really feel it, should I stay away finally?
Barbie of Adiwang, Baguio City

Dear Barbie,
There are such superior beings who believe in themselves too much. They are the bane of life. I would say that if you feel that it is time to let go, then find other friends who are more accommodating to people like you. Besides, you don’t need them for anything, that’s why you can let go. That situation is not one to pray over because there seems to be nothing in common. It will only take you to disappear and maybe they won’t even miss you. I would however graciously say goodbye in a simple way, for closure.
Pray for their safety and good health,