July 23, 2024
PLOGGING AND PLANTING — Foundever™ associates in Baguio City jogged, picked up litter, and planted trees at Burnham and Rizal Parks, which were part of their “missions” during the company-sponsored “Amazing Race”-like event. Foundever, a global leader in the customer experience industry, held the event to create a trifecta of fun, fitness, and environment advocacy for its employees. — Contributed photo

Baguio associates of Foundever, a global leader in the customer experience (CX) industry, combined fun, fitness, and environment advocacy through a plogging and tree-planting activity at Burnham and Rizal parks. 

The event was a trifecta that enhanced the associates’ camaraderie, and physical and mental health, while also benefiting the city’s parks.

Plogging is an exercise trend that combines running/jogging with picking up litter along the streets. The trend began in Sweden back in 2016 and the name combines the Swedish verbs “plocka upp” (meaning, “to pick up”) and “jogga” (meaning, “to jog”).  Since then, the trend has spread worldwide as runners/joggers do their part in keeping city streets cleaner while also helping protect the environment. 

“The event was organized in partnership with the Baguio City government as part of the city’s ‘Adopt-a-Park Program’ that brings together efforts of the LGU and private companies to care for and maintain public parks,” said Site Director Vida Haboc.

The Foundever in Baguio associates who participated in the event also planted 60 trees. These tasks were part of a four-day “amazing race-inspired” program that challenged the participants in a friendly, bonding competition that tested their skills for quick thinking, strategy, and teamwork.

The plogging and tree-planting activities were part of the participants’ missions.

Other Foundever leaders present at the event were Senior Operations Manager KC Pulido, Operations Manager Bryan Corpuz, and Workforce Experience Manager Mark Caniedo. – Press release