December 2, 2023

A private firm is proposing the construction of a multi-tier southbound terminal along Marcos Highway.
Megawide Construction Corp. representative Miles Young, who presented the company’s proposal during the executive-legislative meeting last week, said the firm intends to develop the Baguio City Internodal Terminal within the three-hectare property of the Department of Agriculture into a transportation station with commercial areas, circulation spaces, waiting areas, and provincial buses’ loading and unloading zones.
Young said the entrance and exit points would be strategically located to conform to the terrain of the area.
The loading and unloading areas for provincial buses and transportation would be at the lower level while the commercial area, waiting, and queuing areas will be at a different level. There will be separate entrance points for private vehicles. Parking spaces will also be available.  
She added the structure would showcase the local character and culture of Baguio.
Young said the intermodal station would reduce congestion and parking shortage and lift the strain caused by vehicle usage on city roads.
The terminal development will be in two phases – 2021 to 2023 and 2029 to 2030.
Young said the project ensures employment generation through support services and additional jobs, reduced road congestion, and generate revenues for the city over time.
The final plans would include data to determine final terminal size and number of bays for transportation.
City Administrator Bonifacio de la Peña said the proposal will be submitted to the Public-Private Partnership Initiative for the People or P4 Committee for further consideration. – Julie G. Fianza