September 27, 2023

The City Buildings and Architecture Office on June 9 reported that the crack found on the Lion’s Head monument along Kennon Road was found to be non-structural and therefore does not threaten the structural integrity of the structure.

Engr. II Frederick Dulo of the CBAO Building Management Division said an inspection of the cracked lower right jaw of the statue when coming up to the city showed that the crack is only the surface and did not extend to the structure’s interiors.

CBAO did the patching and painting work of the damage last June 9.

The Baguio City Host Lions Club reportedly said it will undertake the restoration of the monument to ensure its integrity.

The 40-foot Lion’s Head was conceived by the Lions Club of Baguio in the late 1960s and was formally unveiled in 1972. It was carved out of natural limestone and has become a popular landmark of the city.  – Aileen P. Refuerzo