July 16, 2024

An organization of flower and candle sellers in Baguio City has requested the city government to allow them to sell their merchandise for one week in time for the observance of All Saints Day.

The group, Baguio Oplan Kaluluwa Flowers and Candle Vendors Association (BOKFCVA), Inc., represented by its president Aid Flores requested Mayor Benjamin Magalong that they be allowed to sell from Oct. 26 to Nov. 1 at the Ganza parking area in Burnham Park.

However, the area is being used as a pay-parking facility by the city government.

The request of BOKFCVA was transmitted to the City Environment and Parks Management Office for the identification of possible sites for selling due to the unavailability of the Ganza and Jadewell parking.

Pending the identification of the appropriate location to sell flowers and candles, the City Treasury Office came up with the following guidelines for sellers to qualify: vendor should be Baguio resident; of legal age; and no violations regarding Oplan Kaluluwa in the previous years.

Interested candle and flower sellers may avail of application forms at the CTO Campaign and Investigation Division from Oct. 17 to 21 and should submit two copies of 2×2 ID picture, barangay business clearance, 2022 residence certificate or cedula, payment receipt of residential garbage for 2022, and photocopy of any valid identification card.

A total of P1,143 will be collected per seller: 413 for business tax; P200 for mayor’s permit; P100 for garbage fee; P55 for sewerage fee; P80 for electricity; and P350 (P50/day) for the use of the area. All payments of taxes and fees will be at the one-stop shop at City Hall.

Assignment of stall/slot number will be given after the evaluation on the completeness of the requirements submitted.

Only applications with complete requirements will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Allowed goods to be sold are candles, cut flowers, potted flowers, and other floral materials needed for floral arrangement.

Strictly no swapping and subleasing of stalls; no cooking of foods within the area; no gambling in the area; stall owners are responsible for the cleanliness of the area; special permit must be posted at all times at their respective stalls; tent must be uniform in size and color; and violation of the policies will mean no permit for the next three years.

The CTO identified the old library parking area as bagsakan for the candles and flowers from Oct. 27 to Nov. 1 beginning 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and selling is strictly not allowed in the area. – Jessa Mardy Samidan