July 19, 2024

Burning garbage and lighted cigarette butts are the most common causes of grass and forest fires in Baguio, according to the Baguio City Fire Bureau.
BFP Supt. Marisol Odiver reported a total of 28 fire incidents happened in Baguio from January to the first week of March this year where 14 or majority were forest fires, eight were structural fires, and six were vehicular fires.
Odiver said most of the fire incidents were due to human activities such as burning garbage and lighted cigarettes which ignite grass and forest fires when unattended.
Last year, the BFP Baguio responded to 57 fire incidents wherein 40 were structural; four each grass, rubbish and vehicular fires; three forest fires, and two electrical fires.
Odiver said the structural fires were private residences, which are not required to secure a fire safety inspection certificate unlike commercial establishments.
BFP Baguio continues to educate the public on fire safety prevention and control through social media and traditional media announcements to avoid loss of life and property when fire incidents happen.
Odiver appealed to the public to ensure they can contribute in the prevention of fire incidents by making sure they always close their gas tanks and put off lighted candles before leaving their houses.
She also advised the public to avoid octopus electrical connections in their houses to prevent incidents that might trigger fire incidents. – Jessa Mardy P. Samidan