July 21, 2024

I read somewhere that there are more women than men today, but the article didn’t say what percentage of the women are ladies.
As per macho definition, a lady is one who defers to her man in making decisions regarding issues of importance – politics, world affairs – not allowed to venture an opinion unless otherwise asked, and only after the coffee has been served, the housework all done.
Then, and only then, will she get to open her mouth.
She has priority, however, when it comes to the children and other family matters.

But this was not the case in the beginning of the universe.
Each time Adam and Eve would discuss their future, the cat always managed to run away with his tongue.
Besides, Adam could never say no to Eve, even if she was flirting with the devil himself.
She definitely had him by his short hairs, and Adam loved Eve too much he would not dare offend her in any way.

It took a while, but the men have learned their lesson since Paradise lost, and over the centuries, the men got over the hump, able to put the women where they rightly belong – in the kitchen by day, and in the bedroom by night.
Surprisingly, it proved to be a happy arrangement until…

It is the fault of the men, denying the women the right of suffrage, and to hold public office.
After all, the men do not have a monopoly of smarts. Irresponsible and utterly brainless at times, it was only right for the women to show their resentment against a gender undeserving of holding the upperhand.
With Eve (or her memory) cheering them on, the women are back, and even the devil is wary of dealing with them, too scared that the skirts will put one over the guy in the red suit.
So, everything is back to square one. No retreat, no surrender for the women, and it is one or the other for the men – unless they compromise or beg.

When 2020 came along and even before then, the world of men and women metamorphosed into a world of foxes, vixens, and victims.
Working in pairs – usually a fox and his spouse, a vixen and her husband, or his paramour, or her lover.
I know of a couple who conspired to “convince” his closest friend to part with millions.
It seems the friend had the hots for his wife, so the couple made it appear that the wife too was interested in the friend.
Pretty soon friend and wife were sleeping together.
The wife said she was unhappy with her husband, and planned to leave him, but first she needed to exact revenge for all her sufferings at the hands of her abusive husband.

Having gained his complete confidence, she was able to make her lover spill out where he kept his money – while maneuvering under the bedsheets.
By the time the friend found out, he had become a victim of feminine wile and his own lust.
It was too late, the couple had disappeared, their whereabouts unknown.

Pres. Duterte is both a blessing and a curse to the nation. No other Filipino leader could have handled the Covid crisis better than him, but all the others could have done a better job against Chinese thievery.
Oh yes, the Covid crisis is a curse to us, but a blessing to the crooks entrusted with the money meant for the needy.
Harry Roque and Sal Panelo are twin curses, but a blessing to themselves.
Pacquiao is both a blessing and a curse to the Filipino people, if you know what I mean.
And so is the church a curse and a blessing to us. It thrives on our own ignorance, but fans the hope in our hearts that there is a better world after.
In his speech delivered during the centennial celebration of the communist party in Red China, which was founded in 1921, Xi Jinping sounded more like mob boss Al Capone than Mao Tse Tung.
His warning was clear – “Don’t mess with us, or we will mess with you.”
The free world may have trembled in fear, but I know of at least three leaders who didn’t feel threatened by Xi’s fighting words, and Kim Jong Un of North Korea isn’t one of them.

The trio are President Joe Biden of the United States, but only because Biden didn’t figure out if Xi is friend or foe; Soviet King Vladimir Putin, who has removed the word fear from the Russian calendar; and of course our very own President Rodrigo Duterte, who looks up to Xi as his big brother and benefactor.
Our military, however, will take the matter quite seriously, and will beef up its “strength” by buying more military equipment, after linking the NPA ay agui, to the China warning.
Have a great weekend, dear reader!

Our condolences to the families of the soldiers who perished in a plane crash in Sulu the other week.
We thank the heavens that Baguio boy General Romeo Brawner and his family escaped death having disembarked earlier from that Hercules plane that figured in the fatal accident.
By the way, is AFP spokesperson General Edgard Arevalo a brother-in-law of fellow columnist Ed Avila?