February 2, 2023

More new and existing franchising brands are expanding their market reach in Canada to meet the growing demand for certified halal products not just from Muslims but also from those looking for healthy and safe products.
“With the growing success of international halal fast food, more large chains should take note and expand their halal offerings in Canada. Besides, what business can’t afford (is) not to target a projected trillion-dollar market,” Nasser Deeb, co-founder and chief executive officer of The Expo Hut Canada, said during a national halal conference.
He said halal franchising is another area of the halal industry that has witnessed significant growth in recent years in Canada, driven by both the local and international brands.
Deeb said expenditure on halal food was estimated at $2 billion in 2019, and the market is poised for growth driven by increasing demand for halal food among Canadian Muslims.
The current Canadian Muslim population is about 1.9 million, increasing at roughly 15 percent annually and projected to reach three million by 2030 with the influx of immigrants, particularly from the Muslim countries, he said.
“Today, some local stores report halal sales increasing by as much as 80 percent. Various products are even found in major retail outlets such as Food Basics, Costco, Loblaws and Wal-Mart and the list continues to grow. Some carry 90 percent of their food products that is halal certified like Adonis and Iqbal Foods,” he added.
He said Canada is also a modest exporter of halal meat and poultry products to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
Citing a news and insights platform, Deeb said export revenues have been increasing “so there is a growth story in progress and given the quality of Canadian produce, there is certainly an export opportunity for their halal sector.”
He said over 1,400 certified halal products can be found in Canada and more products are introduced to the market on an annual basis.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency requires halal businesses to carry a label with prescribed information, including guidance on the use of statements and claims applied to halal food labels, he added. – Press release