November 30, 2023

Dear Manang,
I am worried about the weight gain of my friend. She has fatty liver and has stopped drinking soju with me, too. I still don’t agree that we can make excuses about our age and that it is expected that we gain weight in our 40s because we are matrons. I still believe that we have control over what we eat and do. How can I help her?
Yxt of Green Valley, Baguio City

Dear Yxt,
Genetics have a lot to do with how we look at a certain age and there is also our hypothyroidism that may be an underlying condition. But these are just my observations because I am no doctor. Unless you live together, you cannot influence her eating habits or even if you did it doesn’t guarantee you can change her. I live with my mother, and I have not influenced her eating habits even if I eat only two meals a day. My only advice is to not do anything and instead give her healthy options when you are around her.
Be the good influence,

Dear Manang,
I am being bullied because I dress differently, and my haircut is uncommon. There are workmates who laugh at me and let me hear their criticism when I pass. I work in the backroom of the office and do not deal with customers, so I really don’t mind them. However, the painful part comes with the rating that my boss gives me too. Last year, even with my excellent ratings in work completion, quality performance, no tardiness, and absence of complaints in the objective evaluation, the subjective evaluation he gave me was low. Should I resign?
Lina of Loakan Road, Baguio City

Dear Lina,
Sadly, we are animals of discrimination. Even I suffer from color preference. I need to like what I see, otherwise I will treat you differently. Darling, you need to become a conformist to survive working in an office. Play the game or submit to teamwork. We always have to play the game in order to be accepted. But if you don’t, there are so many online home-based jobs available. Get one and be at peace with your fashion trend.
Please yourself,