September 30, 2023

My lovely 80-year-old mother, Dr. Emma Baban Keith, often reminds me and my siblings the virtue of giving.
“It is more blessed to give than to receive” is one of her favorite Christian phrases which she religiously puts into practice by helping those in need, whether relatives, friends or strangers.
Mama helps not only financially (some, unfortunately, have taken advantage of her generosity) but also in terms of giving advice and even a shoulder to cry on. That’s my sainted mother. May God grant her many more years to serve His people.
Admittedly, this Ibaloy writer is not as generous as mother dear when it comes to sharing since the little income that I earn as a humble public servant I would rather spend for my immediate family. However, I do share my time, effort, advice (if asked for) and even provide a shoulder to cry on if needed, from time to time. I must also admit that my mother’s assertion that giving or helping your fellowman makes you feel good inside. It really does, surprisingly. Try it and help someone out, especially those in need. Maybe we will have a better world to live in if instead of tearing each other down, we help each other for a change.
Anyway, this week’s topic on giving was prompted by a recent news article that reported on the $100,000 contribution of our country to the United Nations World Food Programme to support flood response in Pakistan. It’s nice to know that the Philippines is not only the recipient of help or aid from other countries but also grants assistance to other nations. Mabuhay!
The article stated that the Philippines’ contribution comes at a critical time and will support thousands of people in need following the devastating flood in Pakistan last year. What can I say but that it’s truly great to see nations helping one another instead of causing or threatening each other with harm. This will sound very corny but what our world needs now is the twin gifts of love and peace. Hope the two huge countries that are causing so much trouble right now are listening. Let’s give peace a chance.

Meanwhile, The Commission on Population and Development will be conducting the 2023 Rafael M. Salas Kaunlarang Pantao Awards (RMSKPA) Search for the Most Outstanding Barangay Population Volunteers and Workers.
In a letter to Mayor Benjamin Magalong, Popcom-CAR Acting Director Cecile Aguilan-Basawil said the search aims to acknowledge the efforts of local partners as they provide efficient and effective strategies for the successful implementation of the Philippine Population and Development Program (PPDP) at the community level.
She invited the city government to join the award that honors works of unparalleled leadership and commitment in advancing and championing population and development at the national and local levels.
Attached with Basawil’s letter are guidelines for the award including the Department of the Interior and Local Government advisory on the RMSKPA Search for the Most Outstanding Barangay Population Volunteers and Workers.
She also thanked the mayor for the city’s continued support to the PDPP to empower Cordilleran families and communities.
The Special Services Divison under the City Mayor’s Office disseminated the letter to the city’s barangay officials via social media (group chat) for their information and guidance.
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.