March 27, 2023

Dear Manang,
The most overlooked human response is gratitude. I just realized it is the only thing I want from my mother that she has never acknowledged in my entire life. At one time, I spent my time cleaning the house and doing all the chores to please her but through all the back pains and the attempts to keep the house spot-free, I only received comments on the things that I missed out but not the things that I was able to do. I know that it will never come because this is not her nature, but I still wish that we never forget to say thank you.
Penny of Yandoc Street, Baguio City

Dear Penny,
Indeed, many forget to say thank you. These two words can create magic and encourage more good deeds. They also bring smiles to faces. I have made it a habit to say thanks to the cab driver or the jeepney driver who brings me home safely. The feeling that warms you when you are appreciated is definitely magical and makes you want to do more to hear it more often. I wish that your mother could learn this too. Maybe you should constantly say thank you too so she may hear it more often and who knows she might say it sooner than you think.
Say thanks,

Dear Manang,
Recently, I have been bullied by some elder groupmates. Suddenly, they have been criticizing my work or things that have been done for more than five years as wrong. I have tried to understand it as their aging process, but I also see it as my being at the job too long. I am preparing to leave the group soon because I don’t think that I deserve the treatment, and this would remove some of my stress. What do you think?
Amalia of Hillside, Baguio City

Dear Amalia,
I think I can guess your age by your name. No one is called that anymore because the movie actress has died and was famous more than half a century ago. Kidding aside, no one deserves the censure or reprimand when it goes askew. I believe that your patience has also run out, but you should be magnanimous and rise above it. I think you will stick it out with them anyway because it is in your nature. Ignore it and just ride the tide.
Stick to your guns,