December 7, 2022

We are facing 2022 with enthusiasm and optimism that this year will bring more opportunities and possibilities to our schools, that whatever it takes, we can still stand with heads up against the challenges that may occur.
We left 2021 with gratitude to all the stakeholders. To parents and teachers, we say iyaman for all the invaluable support financially, in kind, or through free services in making our school a child-friendly school, as this has been our and the Department of Education’s goal for all the learners. We cannot repay all your sacrifices. What we can only give is our sweet smile and our “iyaman.”
Iyaman is a Kankanaey word used in Benguet which means gratitude.
Iyaman is also a program institutionalized in 2016 under then Benguet Schools Division Superintendent Carolyn B. Verano. The acronym originally stood for “Informing Yearly Accomplishments, Monitoring Assessments and Networking” and was changed to “Integrity Yields Accomplishments, Modifies Advancement, Nurtures” excellence.
Iyaman is a yearly activity to show gratitude to stakeholders who have supported and provided services to the schools in Benguet.
Iyaman is a memorable event especially for recipient schools in the different districts because it’s their way to express their gratitude.
The District Iyaman for Itogon District 1 last Dec. 3, 2021 was attended by education program supervisors, school heads, stakeholders and teachers from Benguet division. There were recommendations for improvement but this will not put them down; instead, these will be taken as challenges for further improvement.
The Labilab Elementary School on Dec. 20 had its school-based Iyaman showcasing their first quarter accomplishments. It was attended by parents, teachers, and other stakeholders. The faculty and stakeholders proudly reported they completed at least 90 percent of their target including the requirements for the face to face classes. Parents worked hard, sacrificed their time, and shared funds. Teachers prepared their classrooms with the help of the parents and necessary documents. Donations poured in for the school and the learners.
Iyaman is indeed the best word to say to the following donors: Igorot Warriors International, local government unit of Loacan, Itogon; Alphaland, the Parents and Teachers Association, and those who have shared their blessings through the meals and snacks.
God bless you more and Happy New Year. (ELVIRA G. TUBAL)