April 2, 2023

Who is your greatest love? Who is the special person you will be dating? They may sound silly and irritating to the ears but can be considered interesting questions. These are frequently asked when celebrating Valentine’s Day.
Many of us think that our greatest love must be someone with whom we are romantically attached. This is the reason for some, including my struggle to reply to these questions.
Just like in fairy tales, we dream to find somebody to be our greatest love, someone who can reciprocate our affection and illusion.
Ironically, not everybody is lucky in a romantic relationship. Some are frustrated while others prefer to be single. Does it mean that they have no chance to find their greatest love?
Oh no, It hurts me that much. I am one of those who are unlucky in romantic love. It seems my personality is not pleasing enough to a man. Maybe I am not that pretty and appealing just like other women.
Too much has been said and done. Anyway, I already accepted that the greatest love of my life will no longer appear or exist. They will remain as precious gems that are difficult to find.
Not having the greatest love is not a big deal to me. Happiness is just around the corner. We can simply glimpse joy in the beauty of nature. Our family, relatives, and friends can also be a source of cheerfulness.
But wait. Let us know the meaning of greatest love.
Biblically, the “greatest love of all” is God’s love for mankind. It is because His love for us is unconditional. This definition implies that our greatest love is not necessarily a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife.
This is good news to us who think that we have no greatest love. This is our time to celebrate and reflect. This time, we can answer the question, “Who is your greatest love?”
Without any doubt, my greatest love is my daughter. She is the best gift and treasure I received from God. I do not need to ask for more because she is already enough. God is good all the time. He gives us the best things for us. Hence, we need to trust Him always.
A woman’s greatest pleasure is to be a mother. M. Russell Ballard said, “The joy of motherhood comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times. But amid the challenges, there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction.” He is absolutely right. A mother’s role is very challenging, especially for single parents like me. However, it is always satisfying and joyful to serve and nurture a child.
A mother’s love is also considered the greatest love. It is genuine, endless, selfless, and limitless. She endures every hardship and pain for her children’s welfare. Her love is incomparable. She will cross the deepest ocean and climb the highest mountain to give her children a good life. Thus, a mother deserves to be the greatest love of her offspring.
Of course, we should not forget our fathers. They work hard to provide our needs, safety, and security. Their sacrifices, determination, and sense of responsibility make them superheroes. All they want is to make their family secure and contented. Hence, they too are the greatest love of their children.
Everyone has the greatest love; someone who has a special place in our hearts. Remember, it is in our hearts that we find genuine love and happiness. Every act of goodness comes from the heart. Hence, we need to purify our hearts and allow them to be filled with affection and joy.
This Valentine’s Day, let us all be happy to have an exclusive date with our greatest love – our children, mothers, and fathers. They are worthy to be treated so special during this occasion. We should bring them the happiness they will never forget their entire life. Expressing our sincerest gratitude through a gift, sincere words, and gestures will make them feel they are truly loved and appreciated.
Above all, we must thank God. His love for mankind is the greatest love of all. He must be the center of Valentine’s Day celebration. God has a perfect and unique way to make all things beautiful.