July 16, 2024

Foundever™, a global leader in the customer experience (CX) industry, together with its partner the Baguio City Public Library (BCPL), celebrated a day of knowledge and empowerment with 50 students, from grades 3 through 10, during a special English and Math festival.

The children, with the guidance of Foundever in Baguio associates, tested their stock knowledge, critical thinking, and especially their math and English skills – all done through exciting games and activities.

There were opportunities to learn even more while also forging goodwill, friendships, and productive connections and building children’s self-esteem and confidence – among the participants.

The event held at the Baguio Public Library, also gave gratitude and recognition to talented English and Math aficionados from among the Foundever in Baguio associates.

These associates are volunteer storytellers in the “Storytelling at the Park” activity of BCPL and will also volunteer to be English and Math tutors in the future.

This festival was, in a way, also a celebration of their passion for education and their commitment to empowering local learners with new skills and additional knowledge.

Lucelle Campoy, Corporate Social Responsibility POC for Foundever in Baguio, led the event with Jobelle Bautista, Disability at Foundever POC for the cluster.

They were supported by 10 associates-volunteer tutors who helped organize and manage the day’s activities.

“Learning skills like English and Math are not only basic – they are gateways to greater and more diverse knowledge and more advanced skill sets. They develop not only learners’ mental strength and sharpness but also for them to have greater confidence and a stronger appetite for knowledge. Ultimately, they empower these students to acquire skills that would open greater and richer professional opportunities for them, as well as personal growth and development,” Campoy said.

Other Foundever in Baguio associates also contributed their support by donating materials necessary for the festival’s activities.

These materials ensure that learners at the BCPL will continue to have valuable and effective resources to build-up their Math and English skills for years to come.

This is part of the ongoing commitment of Foundever Philippines and BCPL, which is to provide free and easily accessible educational tutorials. – Press release