July 18, 2024

A non-government organization has partnered with the government in its anti-insurgency campaign against the New People’s Army, which the group claimed is responsible for the countless atrocities that happened in various parts of the country over the past five decades.
The Movement of United Mothers Against Terrorism last week called on the public, especially the youth, not to be deceived by the relentless efforts of the NPA and its political wing, Communist Party of the Philippines, that armed revolution is the answer to the social injustices inflicted among Filipinos.
The group’s call came days after the NPA celebrated its 53rd founding anniversary on March 29, making the Maoist-inspired rebellion the longest of its kind in Asia.
“We expect its cohorts from the Communist Party of the Philippines to be issuing statements and bragging about its delusional milestones since its founding in 1969 while their allies from various organizations under the National Democratic Front will silently and hypocritically celebrate by sending young recruits to the armed movement,” said Aurea Anabelle Galao, the group’s spokesperson.
Galao warned Filipinos from believing that the CPP/NPA/NDF repeated rhetoric they are against government’s oppression to the Filipinos, as “they portray themselves as savior of the poor and the oppressed to justify their relevant cause, if in fact, there is any.”
“This deception and foolishness have to stop. The NPA has no right to take lives. This can never be justified by fighting for whatever lost cause the NPA and its allies are insisting to fight for,” she added.
Earlier, the CPP’s central committee has ordered the NPA to deploy special armed units “to strike at enemy weak points, local tyrants and those with blood debt to the people in the towns and cities”.
In a 20-page message to the NPA on the occasion of its 53rd anniversary, the CPP leadership said, “there is a public clamor for the revival of urban or rural-based units that can strike at the weak points of the enemy units and elements based in towns and cities, such as local tyrants and other bad elements and police units culpable for red-tagging, abducting, torturing and killing people with impunity.”
“The enemy has erased all distinction between combatants and civilians. It arbitrarily accuses people of being communists or communist-supporters and is using the ATL to justify gross violations of people’s rights and freedoms,” the CPP said in its statement released on March 28.
The CPP also ordered the NPA to launch “special tactical offensives” to disable the military’s communication system and air assets. 
“It (NPA) must effectively sabotage the capabilities of the enemy wherever possible and carry out punitive measures against vulnerable enemy units and elements” which will also compel the enemy to reduce the number of its forces deployed against the guerrilla fronts,” the CPP said in its message to the NPA. – Harley F. Palangchao