December 5, 2023

Baguio City will soon allow the entry of its residents stranded in other provinces and cities in the country under the city government’s repatriation program targeted to start on May 21.

As a preventive measure and to guarantee the viability and sustainability of health facilities in the city, returning Baguio residents must register and fill up a health declaration form at

They will also be required to upload scanned copies of identification card/passport and travel clearance from the mayor’s office of their point of origin.

If available, they may also present a certificate from the provincial health office/city health office/municipal health office/local health office stating that the driver and passenger/s are healthy and fit to travel or the area of origin is free of the coronavirus disease-201 (Covid-19) or they completed the 14-day home quarantine from origin.

The City Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) will validate the information and authenticity of documents provided or submitted by the applicant.

If the returning resident’s application is approved, the CDRRMO will schedule and inform the applicant the date of travel to the city.

Those travelling together with family members will not be separated.

The CDRRMO will also provide a list of the names of approved applicants to the Tactical Operations Center of the Baguio City Police Office to ascertain that those manning the checkpoints will allow them to enter the city as scheduled.

Upon arrival to the city, the resident will go through the triage and will be quarantined in a holding facility or undergo home quarantine and monitored by the concerned Barangay Health Emergency Response Team.

Provided all requirements are complied with, the city will prioritize returning residents who will travel using their own vehicles.

Pending the lifting of travel restrictions on public transportation, the city government encourages those who want to return to Baguio to secure their own transportation in coming to the city. – PIO release