March 23, 2023

Dear Manang,
I really don’t know what started all of the fuss over the truth. I am being harassed by a man who says that I have offended him. I don’t know what I said but the only time that I remember the encounter was when he said that he was present during a meeting. As the record keeper, I showed him that he did not sign the logbook on the date that he said. But amidst that, he has been spreading the rumors that I said he was absent even if he was there and he still harasses me about that. Why do these things happen?
Norie of San Gabriel, La Union

Dear Norie,
Take heart. You are not the first and neither the last. The truth can be twisted in many ways. Sometimes, people get away with it but often, as the saying goes, “the truth shall prevail.” For these types of men, they get caught in their own lies. But as the saying goes, “Forgive the person and their actions, never give in to hate. Let it go, set it free, and karma will take care of what is meant to be.”

Dear Manang,
I pity the man who is being used because he is generous and has a lot of money. As they say, the gift of gab has its own rewards. What’s more if you put three of these gifted men who surround someone who has the money to put up with them. I am watching how this group of four are interacting. I want to tell their victim the truth but I am not one to engage in small talk to gain the other’s confidence. I am a miserable failure when it comes to persuasion. How will that person ever realize that he is being used?
Gino of Richville, Baguio City

Dear Gino,
Sometimes, people wake up to painful realities about friendship. I am sure that God doesn’t sleep and soon that person who is being used will discover what is really going on. The most difficult act to keep is the lie you presented as the truth. We tend to forget the details we said before and what we say becomes inconsistent. This is when this guy who is being used will find out he’s been duped. It’s not your money.
Pray for them,