December 7, 2023

Whatever gains the city of Baguio has achieved so far in slowing the spread of the Covid-19 could not have been achieved without the cooperation of a disciplined citizenry and display of strong political will from our leaders. With more challenges ahead, this is not the time for one person or group to claim it was their idea alone that contributed to whatever gains we have achieved at the moment.
Similarly, the failure of any endeavor cannot be blamed on one person, or to the current administration alone. The blunder of one affects the rest of a group, especially at this time when government is planning post-quarantine measures that will continue to restrict the movement of people to only essential matters to further prevent the spread of the Covid-19.
We are thus disappointed that despite the constant appeal of authorities for people to stay home as much as possible, some continue to defy these orders resulting in the declaration of lockdowns in their barangays. Everybody pays for the fault of a few.
Despite the lockdown on Barangay Pinget due to some residents defying the EQC protocols, some residents of other barangays such as in Fairview did not learn from this and also disregarded policies. This compromise the health of the majority, especially those who religiously obey orders of the city government and other concerned agencies with crucial roles in the fight against the pandemic.
But we hope this incidences not weaken the core value of a disciplined citizenry because apart from a few deviants, the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine in the city has been manageable – thanks to a cooperative community.
So, while gratitude is pouring in for those in the frontlines, every law-abiding citizen of Baguio also deserves a pat in the back.
The other laudable act is improving established protocols if only to protect public health, and which has convinced some Covid-19 patients in Baguio to heed the plea for them to reveal their identities, which was proven helpful in contact tracing. Their close contacts, on the other hand, take precautionary measures and seek medical attention at once.
Because of the residents’ adherence to rules despite the inconvenience and due to the culture of caring that prevails in this city, not one health worker or confirmed Covid-19 patient has experienced discrimination.
We may also have misgivings about the selection of beneficiaries of government’s social programs but we chose to understand that there are people who might be in need more than we do.
Because we are disciplined, Baguio is being looked up to as one of the local governments that are able to successfully implement the enhanced community quarantine.
But we should aspire more than acknowledgments. The culture of discipline should be passed to our children, neighbors, friends, kin, colleagues, and strangers so that we will sustain being a community of law-abiding citizens whether in times of disaster or even on ordinary days.
A disciplined citizenry, after all, greatly contributes to the success of a nation.