September 29, 2023

Dear Manang,
I have a neighbor who has lost weight and has complained of weakness. I have heard of similar cases and wonder why women do not bother to go to the doctor immediately. Why do we self-diagnose? We can easily see a doctor and have some tests to check on what is wrong with us. Is there a way to encourage people to see a doctor at least?
Sophie of Camp 4, Tuba, Benguet

Dear Sophie,
The most expensive fear is always the doctor because it equates to money. I am also aware that the tests are expensive. But I am a believer that there are doctors out there who are concerned and there are programs that help those who cannot afford the treatments or the costs. I still have faith in Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center as the peoples’ hospital and I am sure that after the doctor sees you, there is a remedy when you have a diagnosis, it is to go to the Malasakit Center. They can try this.
Encourage her to see a doctor,

Dear Manang,
I have a friend who just died and what alarms me is that she was one of those who didn’t want to get vaccinated. I don’t understand why so many people would rather risk death than go for their vaccination. What does it cost to just get vaccinated compared to dying and losing everything.
Leo of Gibraltar, Baguio City

Dear Leo,
We have a right to choose, particularly this vaccine to avert the fatal impact of the virus on us. Many do not see the value in the vaccine. Only those who have received it can rest assured that it has more benefits than disadvantages. This is still a right. We can just say that we believe it is the best thing to do but beyond that, we must leave the final decision to the person himself. Death must be an acceptable consequence for them, too.
Let them choose,