September 26, 2023

Dear Manang,
I like animating, in fact I love it. I love seeing my drawings and creations move as if they themselves have life. But animating is hard.There are many projects that I have abandoned or left unfinished due to that. It’s like embracing a cactus that you nurtured when it was young but at the same time, you bleed because of its thorns. I love this hobby, cherish it even. What should I do?
Jess, a Grade 9 student

Dear Jess,
Any endeavor is difficult because we want to be the best at everything that we do. This is human nature and in the same breath we get equally frustrated when we can’t do better. Sometimes we just think the work is not good enough, but it is actually excellent. Go ahead and explore your favorite things because it makes up the best part of us. I used to have a passion for baking but I left it but now I regret not having pursued it. Imagine what it could have become if it was a dream I didn’t stop.
Just do it,

Dear Manang,
Whenever we meet our dad outside, we always feel awkward since he isn’t living with us anymore. I feel like our bond is about to break and be forgotten. My question is how can I bring back our past relationship and bond with each other.
Kash, a Grade 9 student

Dear Kash,
There are strange feelings in situations like that but I am of the idea that the children should be outside of whatever made your mother and father split up. You and your father are connected genetically which cannot be severed to eternity and whether you keep it close or not is your choice and his. I am sure your father feels the same. Reach out to him and try to make him feel needed by you. It should spark the flame again and you should enjoy each other’s company. Go for it, it begins with you.
Reach out,