June 1, 2023

It’s great to know that our beloved City of Pines is not only known as a “Character City” because of press releases but that it truly reflects the character of some of its citizens who embody the truism that “Honesty is the best policy”. May their exemplary virtue of honesty be emulated by everyone.

In this regard, the city council passed separate resolutions, commending three residents of the Summer Capital for their exemplary acts of honesty, uprightness, and integrity.

Resolution 303, s. 2022, states on Feb. 15, Filipinas D. Ramones, a resident of Dr. Ca-riño St., GEFA-Lower QM barangay, flagged down a taxi at the central business district and found inside the vehicle a cellular phone. Without hesitation, he immediately made efforts and personally returned it to the owner, Amie Eserio of Springhills, Loakan-Apugan barangay.

Resolution 304, s. 2022, reveals Hilario R. Caluza Jr., a resident of Dr. Cariño St., GEFA-Lower QM barangay, found a cellular phone along Marcos Highway. The measure states that without hesitation, he immediately made efforts and personally returned the phone to its rightful owner, Peter Agpas of Barangay Sto. Tomas Proper.

Meanwhile, Resolution 302, s. 2022, commends Tirso A. Francisco for his exemplary act of honesty, uprightness, and integrity. The approved measure states Baguio is designated as a “Character City” with honesty as one of its moral standards. It reveals that on March 12, Francisco, a resident of Dr. Cariño Street, GEFA Lower QM barangay, boarded a UV express service bound for Pangasinan and found a cellular phone inside the vehicle.

“Without hesitation, he immediately made efforts and personally returned it to the rightful owner, Catherine Sison of Campo Sioco, Ferdinand barangay, Baguio City,” the resolution states, adding “Elated and proud with their cherished value, the city government commends and recognizes such honest and outstanding acts of nobility which are worthy of emulation.”

The city government holds honor and privilege to have citizens who are “truly imbued with admirable values of honesty and trustworthiness”. May their tribes increase!

As a character city, Baguio continues to instill positive values in all aspect of human endeavor in barangays, government and non-government organizations most especially schools to inculcate good morals and values to students.    

* * * * * * * * * *

A belated happy 90th birthday to my uncle, Atty. Moises “Mos” Cating, who is also a businessman, civic leader, and Ibaloy elder. Greetings to his lovely wife, auntie Zeny, and their children Steve, Gary, Dr. Jinky, Rocky and Dr. Mitos and grandkids. Cheers!

On a sadder note, deepest condolences to my auntie Jane Keith Avila whose husband, Juanito, passed away recently. Also, to their children Jessel Anne Jacalne and James Anthony and grandchildren.

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.