January 30, 2023

Wednesday last marked the fourth death anniversary of my dearly departed Minda, my beloved wife of 44 years, my best friend of 50 years, also my mentor and guidance counselor, my second mom, an elder sister that I never had, being the eldest in a family of five boys and two girls.

I miss her more and more with the passing of the years, but missing her even more are our two sons, Marc and Melpether, who had a special bonding with their mom when she was still with us, clasping hands and praying for a missing husband and father who was either here or there when he should be at home – for him to see the light.

An errant patriarch who didn’t know any better, caring more for himself instead of his love ones yet loved by the latter for all his faults and irresponsibilities.
I console myself that in the last years of her life before she passed away, an enlightened me started dating her again – dining out together, watching movies, traveling to Manila to do a little shopping – she at the Greenhills tiangge, the Ilocana that she is, while the Ibaloy in me was drawn to the imported goods section yet thrilled no end when I would gift her with an expensive watch or jewelry.

And in all the conferences and conventions that I attended as Chief City Prosecutor, I always brought her with me, an SOB me making up for his past sins.
And now she is gone, she didn’t want to go, knowing that I couldn’t handle being alone. Solitude is not my strongest suit. Our granddaughter Mady says lolo to me, and I miss her even more.

Strangely, all the places where she loved to eat are likewise gone – Italiannis, Jade Crystal, Milky Way, the Oriental restaurant along Timog.
Valentine noodles was what she always ordered, but she savored the seafood spinach soup exclusive to Oriental, before the other eateries picked it up.
Marc misses the fried frog legs and fish belly in special sauce, while Melpether and I would share the garlic fried crabs and swahe.
At the Dampa, she would order oysters fresh from the clam, halaan soup, and squid adobo.
Oh, here’s my advice to the “stupid and selfish” like myself. Have fun with your family, enjoy their company in your spare moments.
Never stay away from the road, and don’t take detours.
And never trust her friends and your friends when it comes to your better half.

How many retired generals are there in government today, elected or appointed?
Why do we suspect that the country is in ruin with them ruining it, just like the lawyers when they too were in power?
Let’s kill all the lawyers, Shakespeare said. But what about the generals? Them too, I guess, if they don’t kill you first.

When politicians of whatever mold, civvies or particularly otherwise, start believing they can govern better than others, and that the best way to do that is to stifle dissent and silence the opposition by tagging them as communists, best to leave the country if you can, and while you still can.

The activists have a phrase for them – “Isip pulis kasi.”
So how does that translate?
When you say you are anti-communist, and arresting officers still take custody of you, saying that all communists are the same, that’s how the military mind and their system works.
In sum, any endeavor (community pantries for one) that is good for the people is communist inspired.

Here’s the deal. For every lawyer that Duterte fires from his administration, he should likewise fire an equal number of generals.
For example, Roque and Panelo, not for their disloyalty to you, but to the cause (of truth), for Esperon and Parlade, for the same reasons.
But keep Justice Sec. Menardo Guevarra, and rein in SolGen Jose Calida. Hey, I am just starting to trust PNP Chief Guillermo Eleazar.
Don’t get me wrong, I have general friends who are not as narrow minded “as I am.”

No Sunday passes that I do not see a familiar face and names in the obituary pages of this paper.
I say a silent prayer for all of them.
Our condolences to veteran newsman March Fianza and his family.
His mom, former New Lucban barangay chair Esperanza, bade the world goodbye the other week, at the age of 88.

But Johnny Enrile is still around, neither senile or unhealthy, but still quite vain, coloring his hair a dark black.
He should sing the impossible dream, and like Pres. Rody, quit talking about being practical.
Didn’t he at one time, defeat an unbeatable foe?

If we set aside a ruling as a scrap of paper, let’s all jump into the sea.
What did Goyo del Pilar and our soldiers in Bataan fight for and die for?
“Suko na lang, wala tayong laban.”
Or ang mamatay para sa Inang Bayan.
Duwag ako, puro palagay ako, sampu ng aking kababayan at bayani.
Saan po kayo?

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