February 9, 2023

‘HAVE TRUST IN God’ – we most often hear, in many a venue.
IN MY PARTICULAR case, yes I do. I do trust in Him – as many other hundreds of millions of other individuals in this world.
YOU AND I of course know – or bear witness to, every now and then, the line: In God we trust cum Imprimatur – impressed (Latin meaning) or with official approval (New Latin and/or English meaning) in documents, and seals. Yes, in currencies too. And comes now the Question of the DA or ‘Advocate’:
“WHAT ABOUT IN man? Is not man a creation of God? Maybe we should accord a ‘similar’ – but lesser, trust in him as well? Since further, clergy leaders say that we should love men – or our fellow human beings.. as we love ourselves..” [but the ‘Advocate’ speaker caught distraction when one in the Audience pressed his point finger perpendicularly against the lips; so he stopped – understanding somewhat the implications of the ‘cautioning’ pressed finger. A coming-between other one broke the closing gap with:
‘AH, MY DEAR manong, that will be another matter, another context. Loving – in the agape sense, is undeniably distanced from the now being juxtaposed trust in God vs. trust in Man or our co-humans.
‘THEY’RE NEVER THE same or can never be; as you can see: God is perfect; man is not – a basic premise to all, ain’t that right?
YES, THAT’S RIGHT – if we all say so – all angles considered, and pertinent exceptions cleared (n.b. like the cases of the ‘beautified’ – and the ‘canonized’ ones xx). But now
BACK THEN TO man’s imperfection(s) – and thus unworthiness of being accorded that kind of ‘Trust’ – full or sincere or undiminishing.
LET’S JUST CITE three scenario-examples for today’s Discussion, one each for the following: personal/general, politico-cultural, and psycho-social. Our first scenario:
DR. MAUCHI SANGGOI – a retired Academician, now turned to a small-time Agri-farming enthusiast – tending to some few goats and ‘native’ Holo chickens; and planting – and nurturing as well some fruit trees e.g. soursop or guyabano, pawpaw or papaya, crocodile pears or avocados; some tubers or veggies like epomoea batatas or camote, moringa oleifera or malunggay, and gabi or taro, especially the ‘elephant ears’ or galiang/bilaw (Nab.); et cetera.
LIVING ALONE, AS his children are mostly abroad thereat working and staying with their own (nuclear) families respective, Dr. Mauchi Sanggoi decided to hire a laundry woman or girl. His decision and later choosing, was not without due consultation(s) with his nexts-of-kin and some friends.
THE FIRST GIRL or woman just ‘cut-loose’. No reasons, no explanations; except that, one possession – of sentimental worth was missing – after that last washing schedule. Anyway, Dr. Sanggoi just asked by phone call or text if First-hired saw or got glimpse of said possession, but he just got negative answers. Even his hope that First-hired may ‘touch’ on doing laundry again never popped up. And so he was left to thinking: ‘is it because I trust people too much? Some real close friends say I’m sobra (cf. Supra) on that: that I submit myself often ‘like a sibling’ – ipakabsat ko ti bagik, to people I hire or befriend.. that my trust should be “lessened”?’
DR. SANGGOI NOW has got a Second-hire but there tends to be a similarity-of-style with the first-hired one – a few needless-to-be-cited occasions already observed, and he goes reminding himself:
‘KEEP YOUR EYES peeled, handle your trust now more carefully. Remember: not all humans are the same; conversely, not-all of them are different, either’. Ah-ha, next scenario’ example:
MR (OR ‘HON.’) Naans Adros was before a young man – full of vigor and one of haeres legitimus to a powerful, traditional, political clan or family. Ergo with that background, he joined the political, local, arena.
A FEW TERMS as Councilor, he already wished to aspire for the ‘highermost’ position in the Municipio, e.g. for Mayor. But by some circumstances, he was ‘prevailed upon perhaps’ – innadok sha emmo, how many times(?) to stay low and wait(!). and lay low and wait he did. Now, or
THIS TIME, HE wants – ‘highermost’ position; but observers claim: “he is now against odds overwhelming. Had he not trusted too much in those proddings..” but
ALAS! LET’S NOT blame him nor his ‘trust’ – too much or whatever. Let’s cheer him instead: “Hurrah, and may you make it this time!” Our final example –
IN NATURE, IS ‘Psycho-Social’. People or parents are always with unbridled excitements positive – to send their children to school – so that: someday, they can fend for themselves, lead happy (or happier) lives, other things pleasurable and rewarding.
BUT IN FACTUAL application(s), do they often trust their own Psyche or belief or philosophy? When they’re made to judge or render action/comment between two contenders: the ‘educated’ and schooled one versus the dropout, untutored, etc. (but maybe ‘charismatic’, ‘winnable’, ‘winsome’, etc), whom do they choose, or fovour, or comment leaning for? Which ‘trusts’ are they applying – or have gripped them – to sudden – or eventual ‘influence’ or submission? Ayuhh ka pay esa! BBSL-ATHM (note: first initials spell “Batu-bato sa langit –). Ü