June 2, 2023
MUSICIAN WITH A HEART — Ibaloy musician Topyu Diaus has raised more than P330,000 for a breast cancer patient from Kabayan, Benguet whose family sought for his help to hold an online concert that was live-streamed in his Topyu with Friends Facebook account on Oct. 15. Diaus performed for three hours free of charge. — AZJ/One People, One Benguet

Cordillera musician Topyu Diaus has raised more than P330,000 that went directly to a patient from Kabayan, Benguet who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.
The inclement weather and intermittent power on Oct. 15 did not dampen the spirit of Diaus from performing solo that was live-streamed in his social media account to raise funds for the patient, whose name has been withheld for personal reason.
Diaus, who maintains the “Topyu with Friends” account with about 2,800 followers on Facebook, posted the GCash and bank accounts of the patient’s husband where individuals here and overseas can send their donations.
The Ibaloy musician, also from Kabayan, shared to the Baguio Midland Courier he performed in a makeshift stage set up by his wife and cousin in Ambiong, La Trinidad while the locality was experiencing inclement weather.
“We thought only a few would watch our concert for-a-cause online because of the weather and due to technical concerns. Then we realized the overwhelming support from friends, our kababayan, including supporters of the Topyu with Friends, for sharing our event through social media,” Diaus said.
He admitted he was caught by surprise when he was informed by the family of the patient the livestream concert raised more than P330,000.
“It is a personal record breaking concert, which lasted for three hours,” he said.
More importantly, Diaus said he is happy to have shared his talent to his supporters and that he did not seek for a talent fee or any form of renumeration from the family of the patient.
He acknowledged the patient’s family spent huge amount for the latter’s medical needs since 2020, reason why a concerned citizen reached out to the local musician on the possibility of mounting a concert for-cause.
Without any hesitation, Diaus has volunteered to perform through his Topyu with Friends Facebook account, where the bank and GCash details of the patient’s husband were posted so that all donations go directly to the patient. – Harley F. Palangchao