June 1, 2023

HINGYON, Ifugao – Barangay Ubuag, this municipality remains Covid-19-free since the start of the pandemic last year, a feat attributed to good governance and cooperation. 
Punong Barangay Gaspar Ognayon said the barangay came up with various initiatives to safeguard the people, ease their boredom, and make family ties and camaraderie strong.
“We implemented all our programs, projects, and activities to protect our constituents from this dreadful virus that is wreaking havoc in different parts of the world,” he said.
Ognayon said they established Covid-19 and African swine fever barangay checkpoints in line with the implementation of national/local ASF and Covid-19 policies and protocols.
They also procured relief goods through the disaster funds.
The barangay also secured additional relief goods from government offices and non-government organizations for distribution to the community.
This helped minimize unnecessary travels of the people.
To minimize crowding, household heads per purok were called one at a time at the barangay hall to receive relief goods. 
Barangay officials also collected from the people lists of food, medicines, and other necessities they need to buy from the market, pharmacies, or groceries and they are the ones who purchase the orders. 
In the absence of a quarantine facility, the Child Development Center was immediately converted into a temporary holding facility for returning Overseas Filipino Workers (ROFWs) and locally stranded individuals.
The facility is equipped with personalized tents, beddings, and ventilation.  
The Barangay Health Station is also used as quarantine facility for LSIs and ROFWs.
With the assistance of the municipal government, a three-room quarantine facility was constructed that complied with the standards of the Department of Health.
“National and local guidelines/policies are strictly implemented including liquor ban and price monitoring of basic commodities. Executive orders were issued to localize some national laws and policies relative to the Covid-19 management,” Ognayon said.
The residents are always reminded through the barangay public address system of the liquor ban, curfew hour, and Covid-19 updates. The barangay tanods also conduct regular ronda.
Municipal Local Government Operations Officer Roselle Nanglegan-Aplosen said the barangay uses social media to reach out to its constituents.
It launched the “Online Talakayan,” which is conducted every Tuesday at 1 p.m. via Zoom and Facebook where constituents and other viewers can share their views and related information about the Covid-19.
As a feedback mechanism, a drop box is made accessible to constituents for their suggestions, recommendations or reports pertaining to barangay governance especially on the Covid-19 concerns.
Aplosen said Barangay Ubuag was the first among the 12 barangays to distribute the assistance from the Social Amelioration Program to the beneficiaries in an orderly and organized manner following strict health protocols.
“Indeed, Barangay Ubuag has proven that strict implementation of policies and PPAs coupled with initiatives/innovations and people’s participation in local governance despite very limited local funds, would lead to great result,” Aplosen said. – Marcelo B. Lihgawon