September 25, 2023

Only two modern U.S. presidents have been impeached, although there could have been a third, but he resigned before the U.S. Senate, acting as an impeachment court, could decide his case.
The two heads of state I refer to here are former U.S. President Bill Clinton, and sitting White House resident Donald Trump.
Trump and Clinton, albeit decades apart, share a common passion, or a flaw or personality defect, as the pure of heart will tell you.
Both presidents have an eye for beauty, or more specifically, for women.

Clinton survived impeachment, but only because his wife Hillary, and even his alleged paramour Monica Lewinsky, stood by him during the crucial moments, even if the merciless media was asking for his head.
From Hillary’s point of view, or so she said in not too many words, Bill was a loving husband and devoted father, an exemplary leader who made a misstep, without meaning to, while Monica, more or less, said that Clinton didn’t really take advantage of her, more like a case of consenting adults. She would, however, be singing a different tune after so many interviews on TV, which secured her financial future.

But what is it about men – yes, women, too – that makes them think they are not only irresistible, but infallible as well?
Hitler was said to be with his girlfriend, Eva Braun, at the time he took his own life, and how many good and capable men never made it to the White House because of dalliances outside of the conjugal bed.
I am not sure if it is safe to say this, but the only Head of State (the Vatican) that I know of who has not been involved in a sex scandal is the Holy Father, the Pope, although not a few of his people have violated their vows of celibacy, shacking with a woman, or even children of both genders.

Why, our very own Rodrigo Duterte is living in with a woman, not his legal wife, but for someone like him, that’s par for the course.
Oh, speaking of presidents, including wannabes, here’s an interesting aside. Possible Liberal Party presidential bet Leni Robredo is a widow, even if there are nasty talks that she shares her bed with a lawyer, (a dirty tactic, most likely) while her strongest opponent Ping Lacson, married his wife after she was widowed.
Leni’s late husband, Jesse, was the quiet, hardworking type, not fond of press releases like Leni, while Ping’s better half keeps out of the limelight, no pictorials and high-profile games. She will make a fine First Lady.

What a wonderful quid pro quo. No visa for Senator Bato, no visiting forces agreement.
Surrender your cancelled U.S. visa, Senator. What’s in the once-upon-a-time land of milk and honey that you need to go there?
Surely, you don’t have an apartment in New York, a house in California, or kids studying in U.S. universities.
Oh, I get it, you won’t be able to watch Pacquiao’s fight in Las Vegas.
Please, U.S. senators and Washington D.C., do not restore Bato’s visa, we don’t need you coming over to our shores.
We are safe as it is. The Chinese are now our friends.
Remember the U.S. statehood movement some decades back? Well, pretty soon we will become a province of China.
Think about it. Chongloy will replace the late Nestor Fongwan as congressman of Benguet, and if that happens fast enough, Domogan or even Mayor Ben Magalong will be kissing Johnson Ang’s hand, and not Johnson’s dad doing that come the Chinese New Year, today, I think.

An old friend has asked me to help or assist him and a well-known political and government figure to write his memoirs.
But of course, although I am presently putting a book together that is all about lawyering, cockfighting and tidbits in politics.
Lawyer: (Cross examining a witness, questions him) “And if you saw my client being beaten up by the accused, what then did you did?”
Judge: “Counsel, you mean what did he do?”
Lawyer: “No, your Honor, the incident happened in the past, therefore what did he did.”
On cockfighting:
Bet Taker: “Attorney, that’s a fine-looking cock you have there, how much is your bet?’
Attorney: “60 pesos if you please.”
Bet Taker: “Attorney, it will be impossible to match your big bet. Please bring your rooster out.”
After two fights, the attorney returns.
Bet Taker: “Attorney, nice to see you back, how much is your bet this time?”
Attorney: “60.”
Bet Taker: Attorney, didn’t I say….”
Attorney: 60 billion dollars, you son of a bitch.”
Bet Taker: “Attorney, dollars are not accepted.”
More to come.