September 30, 2023

Despite the redesigning of the national school curricula, the recent Program for International Student Assessment revealed that grade 9 Filipino students ranked last in reading comprehension and second lowest in mathematics and sciences out of 79 countries evaluated.
This assessment result is indicative of a weak support to education. It is a wake-up call to improve the dismal educational performance of students in the country. There is an urgent need to look at the factors that cause poor outcome of the teaching and learning process which must be addressed.
The investment for education ought to be substantially increased to satisfy the required facilities for a conducive educational environment. An appreciable increase in the compensation of teachers and constant upgrading of their skills will enable them to be more committed and competent in their job.
Excessive use of electronic devices should be discouraged since these rob the time spent for studying. Let us put more emphasis on the development of critical thinking than note or memory learning. The workers’ pay must be enhanced for them to have enough to send their children to school and feed them properly to be healthy and wise.
Parents, as first teachers, should also teach and discipline their children at home. Molding a learned youth will surely have a significant contribution to national academic, social, cultural, and economic excellence. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City