December 5, 2023

HOW TRUE! INDEED, indeed. You hear it from the world all over; and literally too. In the UK, and the USA – as well as in other English-speaking countries you hear: Ouch! Or even Ouch!3
EXPAND YOUR BOUNDARIES, and you hear: Aïe! in France; Ay! (España), Autsch! (Deutschland), Au! (Czech Republic), et cetera.
THEY’RE SAYING THIS because of the threat fear, and trembling that the pandemic Covid 19 has confronted humankind with, since first detected.
SUB-MICROSCOPIC AND THUS ‘invisible’ to us the common – or ‘non-lab’ people, it does not only instill.. but also dramatizes the possible infection, transmission, and ‘flight’ from someone: to anyone.
THE THOUGHT AND perception – later factualized or otherwise – bringing many individuals or groups of them ‘to deviate course from the upsurge or main flow’, and that’s why we had those Lockdowns, quarantines, and protocols.
BUT UP TO now – except the Remdisivir and the Decamethasone receiving ‘high-hope endorsements’, no single vaccine nor direct cure is yet found to combat the hovering virus.
AND PEOPLE KEEP to their homes and dwellings – voluntarily; or, for ‘safety’ purposes; or, because they’re alarmed of the wild (or else ‘official’) news of ‘new’ cases; or, because their priorities for risks detain them so.
RESULTINGLY, MANY ‘SMALL’ business establishments close. The simple reasons: 1) the virus is real unseen, 2) the ‘danger’ of transmissions from (the unsuspecting) ‘anyone’; and 3) there are ‘but-few’ customers anyway.
BUT AFTER MONTHS of this set-up or the like, families, people – even corporations, big and small, have began to realize the ‘reserve’ funds for a stay-home or no-work ‘style’- are about to be depleted, and hark! You hear them say:
“OH, NAW.. THIS is not good.. it is hurting people.. it’s hurting the economy! Ouch! And.. ouch (still)!”
AND THE NEIGHBOUR-GERMAN says: Das ist richtig! Könmen wir nicht etwas tun? (Transl: “That’s right! Can’t we do something?”).
AND THE NEARBY French, exclaims: Moi aussi. Je sens la peine, aïe! (Transl: “Me too. I feel the pain. Ouch!”).
IN THE PHILIPPINES, the word or interjection for Ouch! is: Aray! thus derives there from (?) the verb Umaaray (“saying: ouch!”), or the statement: ang daming umaaray! (Transl: “Many (people) are saying: ouch!”).
IF FILIPINOS – FROM all walks of life (officials, business people, the ordinary citizens on the streets and homes, etc.) are saying this, they most probably mean so: in the light of the Covid threat or pandemic and the socio-psycho-economic effects (or effects to-be) in their lives, for:
ALONG WITH COVID, they had had experienced other devastating disasters: typhoons, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, floods, and earthquakes – even wars (if we may add them); yet, the resilience and indomitable spirits had carried them through enough not to succumb to the ‘assuaging’ comforts of aray!3 But this Covid19,
IT HAS REALLY done them tremendous unmeasurability of Angst and deep pain and worry.. so come there now and then and you catch it listening: aray.. aray ko! (Transl: “Ouch.. pains me truly!”).
IS THIS LITERAL Aray! expressed at times in some non-direct ways? Yes, watch out for: Ang sakit naman! (Transl: “It’s painful indeed!”); or, Nakakatakot talaga! (Transl: “Fearsome, it is indeed!”); and so on.

IN THE CORDIS – Baguio and Tabuk cities included, where they speak a ‘modified’ form of Ilokano or Iluko, the term for Ouch! is Annay! or Annay ko! (exclusive)
THEY’RE SAYING ANNAY! at present, also for the two previously-cited reasons: the Covid Virus as well as the impacts and devastations it is leaving baresight upon the shocked and astounded citizens whose friends, relatives, or neighbours got infected, sometime somewhere along the way.. if not they themselves or their family members.
BUT THESE TWO are not the only reasons, they’re saying Annay! There’s a third one, and that is:
THEIR ONLY-NOW REALIZATIONS of: 1) the true hearts of people especially those they meet usual; 2) the ‘heroisms’ of the Frontliners; 3) the officials truly deserving – of emulation, of praises and gratitudes, and: another chance (?) to be re-elected (or re-appointed) – together with new, and yet-unknown others who have emerged as ‘tops’ – nakaka-believe during Covid time and thereafter.
THUS THE CORDIS say: annay ko, tattan ammo tayon ti rumbeng nga aramiden tayo! (Trans: “Ouch, now we know what ‘things right we need to do!’).