July 13, 2024

My wife and I live in Baguio City. This morning we went with my wife’s sisters and niece to Mout Kabuyao. We got off the jeep at Green Valley Police Post and proceeded to walk up to Mount Kabuyao. A policeman on duty did not stop us.
It was a pleasant walk.
While we were taking a photo at the vicinity of the satellite disks, a man approached us and talked to my wife. After some time, I asked my wife what the man was saying as I do not understand Iloko. My wife said the man told her that we are not allowed to be there. He even accused my wife of lying when she said we walked up from Green Valley.
But we noticed there were two groups of joggers going up that road. Is that place closed for visitors? How could those be walking along that road cause environmental degradation? — NAME WITHHELD, Baguio City