November 29, 2023

The use of logbooks in establishments and public utility vehicles will no longer be required in Baguio, after the city council passed an ordinance that imposes the use of information slips, instead of logbooks, for record and monitoring purposes in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Raising concern on privacy and protection of customers, clients, and the riding public, Councilor Michael Lawana deemed it wise to require people to hand an information slip upon entry to establishments or public utility vehicles, instead of writing their personal information on a logbook.
“Passengers, customers, and clients fear that their information may be exhibited, set out, or posted for viewing by the public and may be used conspicuously,” Lawana, main author of the ordinance, said.
He added that with the surge of positive cases of Covid-19 in the city, handing a paper containing the needed information would help abate the risk of contagion.
“For safety reasons, people hesitate to the pen and paper provided for them for the registration,” Lawana added.
He said replacing the logbook with the information slip would allay these public fears.
The ordinance will allow constituents to prepare and submit their own information slip. The slip shall contain the “true and correct” information needed such as the person’s name, city address, contact number, and date of transaction.
All public utility vehicles, business establishments, government agencies, and private offices must ensure that the information slips shall not be exhibited, set out, or posted for public viewing.
Public utility vehicle operators, business establishment managers/owners, and persons-in-charge in government agencies and private offices shall devise a system or method on how to collate, store, and organize the information contained in the slips for easy retrieval.
The data shall be made available when required by the city government and agencies of the government. – Jordan G. Habbiling