July 13, 2024

The city council approved Ordinance 107, s. 2020, which imposes the use of information slip for monitoring, contact tracing, and other purposes relating to controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.
The ordinance requires all public utility vehicles, business establishments, government agencies, and private offices to provide information slip for individuals who availed of their services and goods.
The information slip is a form for passengers, customers, and clients to sign and fill out only the basic information specifically their name, city address, contact number, and date of the transaction or services availed.
The ordinance stated the use of information slip is safer and prevents further surface contact unlike the log book being touched by everybody and oftentimes inaccurately filled up by passengers, customers, and clients who are hesitant touching the pen and pad for fear of surface transmission.
For purposes of convenience and safety, the ordinance allows passengers and customers/clients to prepare and submit their own information slip bearing the true and correct basic information needed. Filled-up slips are dropped and stored in a drop box.
The data or information shall be made available when required by the city government and other government agencies for its respective purposes.
Processing the personal information for unauthorized purposes, accessing personal information due to negligence, malicious disclosure, and unauthorized disclosure shall be penalized under the general penal laws and the Data Privacy Act of 2012.
Through Resolution 430, s. 2020, the body requested the Baguio City Police Office and the Public Order and Safety Division to come up with guidelines in apprehending persons not wearing face masks in public in the city.
Under Ordinance 045, s. 2020 or The Baguio City Face Mask Ordinance, wearing of face masks is mandated to all persons within the territorial jurisdiction of the city until the threat of the Covid-19 is completely eliminated or within the duration of the state of public health emergency to prevent virus transmission among the residents, medical personnel, frontliners, and all persons in the city.
Entities or persons found or caught violating the ordinance shall be fined P1,000 on first offense; P2,000, second offense; and P3,000 on third offense and cancellation of business permit if applicable.
In Resolution 434, s. 2020, the council has requested the Traffic and Transport Management Committee for an evaluation report on the one-month implementation of EO 114, s. 2020 of the city mayor as a basis for crafting an ordinance if the result of the implementation is beneficial to the riding public and stakeholders.
The EO has already brought about the transfer of certain public utility jeepney lines from to their new designated loading and staging areas.
The new loading and staging areas for the jeepney lines of Mines View, Navy Base, Tiptop, Pacdal Liteng, Lucnab, Maria Basa, Happy Hallow via Country Club, and Happy Hallow via Kadaclan are in Gov. Pack Road and Sandico St., respectively.
The Camp 7 and San Vicente/Poliwes/Camp 8 lines were assigned to Claudio Street (loading area) and Calderon St. (staging area).
The Loakan line was designated to load and stage at Claudio Street, while the Kitma line at Otek St.
The Dagsian-Silang and BAL-PNR Circle Hillside lines will use Diego Silang St. as loading and staging areas.
Under the EO, all PUJs staging at Gov. Pack Road will take the following ingress/entrance options: from point of origin to Leonard Wood Road-General Luna-Fr. Carlu Street-Upper Session (Casa Vallejo)-Sunshine Park-Gov. Pack Road (staging area); and from point of origin to Leonard Wood Road-Leonard Wood Road (Hotel 45)-Upper Session (Casa Vallejo)-Sunshine Park-Gov. Pack Road (staging area).
For egress/exit, options are: from Gov. Pack Road (staging area)-Post Office Loop (YMCA)-General Luna-Upper Bonifacio St.-Sumulong-Laubach Road-Gen. Luna-Leonard Wood Road-to destination;
From Gov. Pack Road (staging area)-Post Office Loop (YMCA)-Gen. Luna-Leonard Wood Road-to destination; and
From Gov. Pack Road (staging area)-Upper Session Road (CasaVallejo)-North Drive-Leonard Wood Road -to destination.