September 25, 2023

Insular Life has launched Basic Assure 10, a new life insurance product with guaranteed regular payouts and coverage for 20 years.
Basic Assure 10 is payable for 10 years but provides insurance protection for 20 years. On the sixth year of the policy, the death benefit increases to 200 percent of the sum insured until the policy matures.
Basic Assure 10 also gives cash payouts equivalent to 7.25 percent of the sum insured starting at the end of the fifth year and every two years thereafter until the end of the 19th policy year. At the end of the 20th year, if nothing happens to the insured, he/she receives a lump sum equal to 100 percent of the sum insured.
Basic Assure 10 is a great option for those who are concerned about the fluctuations in the fund value of a variable unit-linked insurance policy due to market volatility as an after effect of Covid-19 pandemic.
“We plan for the future usually because of two reasons: to prepare for the possibility of a financial loss due to unforeseen events such as sickness in the family or loss of job; and to have funds for future needs such as education, retirement, or business venture. So, if an insurance plan will be able to provide regular and guaranteed cash payouts during certain periods, then it becomes easier to reach one’s financial goals,” said InLife Chief Marketing Officer Gae L. Martinez.
Basic Assure 10’s benefits are guaranteed regardless of market conditions.
“When markets and investments generate exceptional returns, the ability to fulfill your goals is easy. But this becomes difficult during the times when the markets are volatile. Basic Assure 10 is InLife’s solution for those times because there are no risks as the plan’s benefits are guaranteed, no matter what happens to the market,” Martinez added.
InLife’s Basic Assure 10 is for Filipinos who want to confidently look forward to the future with sure funds.
To know more about Basic Assure 10, connect with an InLife financial advisor, visit, or email [email protected]. – Press release