July 19, 2024

There is no prerequisite to a great life. It is something one has to choose and one can make the right choice right now.

This idea – owning one’s pace – is one of the “50 Ideas for a Great Life: A Practical Guide to Greatness,” the title of a non-fiction book published by a young mother from La Trinidad, Benguet, who looked back at her young life’s ups and downs and realized that delayed plans and unplanned things are, in fact, one’s timeline. 

Launched in the middle of a global health emergency after her original plan did not work out, 30-year-old author Donnabeth Tolano-Aniban is hoping to turn the launching of 50 Ideas for a Great Life, her first book, into an auspicious one by helping newborn mothers cope with the hardships of caring for their children under quarantine.

In her social media post announcing the publication of her book via online commercial platform Amazon, Aniban pledged all the profits from the first month of sales from her book for mothers who just gave birth, especially those who are having financial difficulties.

“If you buy my book now, you will not only learn more, you will also help a mom and a child,” said Aniban, whose contract as a teacher abroad is ending and has decided not to renew it to be with her children.

She said she plans to pack mom kits to supplement the needs of newborn moms and their babies during this difficult time.

“Being a new mom is physically and emotionally exhausting. How much more in times like this? Some or many may not be financially prepared due to work and business restrictions from the enhanced community quarantine. It is difficult for all of us but there are groups that are more vulnerable (like newborn moms),” Aniban said. 

She was also concerned about publishing a book in the middle of a pandemic, but a friend told her the lessons in her manuscript are timely and so she thought that while she did not meet her target time to finish her book, there is a purpose for its timing now.

The book is based on the personal ideas and life experiences of the writer, a mother of two who gave birth to her first child at a young age, who used to ask herself, “Is my motherhood too early or my book too late,” as well as short stories and lessons based on other peoples’ lives.

Amazon describes Aniban’s book as “a friendly guide to a life packed with fulfillment, love, and meaning. By reading it, one will learn manageable steps on what to accept, change, and remove to improve your life.

With the ideas and personal anecdotes, one will explore strategies to level up your career, health, and relationships.”

In “50 Ideas for a Great Life,” “one will find guides for a flourishing career, strategies to maintain holistic health, tips on how to have a winning attitude, techniques to thrive in every situation, and ways to nurture your relationships. It is presented in a simple, easy-to-digest manner. It doesn’t offer the one big secret to winning. But it provides doable ideas so you can find greatness within yourself.”

“50 Ideas for a Great Life” is available as an ebook and paperback in Amazon. Interested buyers are advised to go for the ebook version in the meantime as shipping is not possible due to quarantine measures.

The book was originally titled “Letter for my Daughters,” with Aniban wanting to make a list of lessons she can pass on to her children. In her introduction, she wrote, “While the work was in progress, I realized how I needed these lessons as much as my children do. And so I came up with ‘N ideas for a Great Life’.” She kept on writing and ended listing 50 ideas.

“This book will not give you secrets to become an overnight millionaire. It does not have definite answers on how to turn your relationships around or how to hustle hard. These are ideas I have learned from books, mentors, show, and yes, Google. These are lessons I have learned from making a hundred things right and a thousand others wrong. Some of these ideas may guide you towards a life filled with faith, joy, love, peace, and meaning. It may add to your knowledge bank, or perhaps for IG and Pinterest. But these ideas may not be for you and that’s okay.” – Hanna C. Lacsamana