December 1, 2023

Science and Technology and the Department of Education Cordillera joined forces to introduce the DOST Courseware to science and mathematics teachers in the region.
A web orientation last July 14 to 16 benefitting 1,500 teachers was conducted through the DOST-Science Education Institute (SEI).
The DOST Courseware was eyed as one of the modalities in the DepEd’s blended learning approach as the region’s education system adapts to the new normal.
The DOST Courseware is an interactive multimedia educational application courseware that contains digitized and animated science and mathematics lessons, thus creating an interactive learning environment among teachers and students.
It was developed by the DOST-SEI in partnership with the DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute and in cooperation with the DepEd that aims to develop information and communication technology learning innovation in support to the upgrading and improvement of science and mathematics education in the country.     
The DOST Courseware contains modules for digitized and animated science and mathematics lessons for grades one to eight. The science and mathematics first edition Courseware for grades 1 to 6 has a total of 102 modules comprising of 60 modules in mathematics and 40 modules in science. The second edition for grades 1 to 6 mathematics was launched in 2014 composed of 60 lessons divided into three parts, namely activity, fixing skills, and evaluation featuring animated student-characters Aida, Dan, Ed and Tessa.
Further, the first edition for the grades 7 to 8 for science and mathematics is composed of 120 lessons. A total of 73 lessons cover the domains on matter, force, motion and energy, living things and their environment, and Earth and space. Sixty lessons in Mathematics cover the domains on numbers and number sense, patterns and Algebra, and Geometry.
The grade 8 DOST Courseware is composed of 118 lessons covering areas on parts and functions, ecosystems, heredity, inheritance and variation of traits, structures and functions, biodiversity, and evolution for Science; and 57 lessons in Mathematics covering topics on linear equations, quadratic equations, rational algebraic equations, integral exponents, radicals, arithmetic sequence, and geometric sequence.
These modules are free and available for both Windows and Android versions and downloadable via Google Play Store as supplemental resources for teachers and students. – Press release