February 9, 2023

Dear Manang,
Recently, the father of my daughter got in touch. He said he wanted to meet my daughter who is 17 years old. I was excited because this is the first time he expressed interest in seeing her. I told her the news and she coldly remarked that she didn’t need to meet him. I want them to see each other. What do you think?
Allie of Phil-Am Cmpd., Baguio City

Dear Allie,
If she doesn’t want to see him, she is old enough to decide on that being an adult already. I would agree that she has all the rights to reject her own father because she survived without knowing him. Perhaps a chance meeting could be done but definitely not a date. My question is has he become rich? That would be my only reason for agreeing.
Move on,

Dear Manang,
I can’t believe that people can have pets but not enough money to buy food for themselves. I don’t think that they deserve to have pets if they don’t have the resources to feed themselves and their pets. But when they borrow money, I lend them money anyway. Should I be less kind?
Dang, Lepanto, Mankayan, Benguet

Dear Dang,
We are funny children of God. Our benevolence is immeasurable. Actually, I think you are more worried about the dog than the people. Dogs have a way of endearing themselves to people. Lend the money if you can spare it. I pray they give you the dog when they give up.
Keep being a cool friend,