July 16, 2024

The city council has approved Resolution 426, s. 2024 supporting the stand of the Philippine government on the Israel-Palestine conflict at the Gaza Strip.
The resolution cites Situation Report 40 of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which states the ongoing conflict at the Gaza Strip, has claimed about 14,800 lives comprising 73 percent of children and women.
It also mentioned the “two-state formula,” a proposed solution favored by most of the world’s democracies and the UN, which calls for Israel and Palestine to peacefully co-exist.
In response to the call for help by affected residents, the city council through Resolution 427, s. 2024 has tasked indigenous peoples mandatory representative Councilor Maximo Edwin Jr. to negotiate with the Bases Conversion Development Authority and the City Buildings and Architecture Office, which would allow residents within the Camp John Hay reservation to repair and introduce improvements on their lots and houses without fear of sanction or penalties.
His tasks are to lead the negotiation/dialogue with the concerned agencies relative to building permit concerns and administrative fines and penalties imposed on ancestral land owners and claimants at barangays Loakan-Liwanag, Camp 7, Loakan Proper, and all other similarly situated barangays; and arrange with the CBAO a suspension/relaxation of the imposition of administrative fines over structures with no building permits pending the crafting of the City Legal Office of guidelines on building/fencing permits issuance over ancestral lands.
The resolution was furnished and posted on all the affected barangays of the city, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, the CBAO, and the BCDA information.
The city council has approved Resolution 430, s. 2024, “Extending the profound appreciation and acknowledgment of the city government of Baguio to the Baguio Midland Courier as it treads the last chapter of its 77 years of fair, fearless, friendly, and free reportage, upholding the highest ethics of journalism and recognizing its role as the fourth estate of democracy in print media, earning the respect of fellow journalists and admiration of the people of Baguio City.”
The resolution also expressed deep sadness on BMC’s difficult decision to cease its publication despite its efforts due to unprecedented global challenges many newspapers face, which led to the closure of many venerable publications. It will release its final issue on July 21.
BMC is a community paper serving as an exponent of the wonderland of the Cordilleras and the riches of Ilocandia for 77 years. It is one of the cultural icons of Baguio, and its closure marks the end of an era for many.
“Faithful to its tenets, ‘Fair, Fearless, Friendly, Free’ the Baguio Midland Courier holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many, including the city government of Baguio, for empowering the people through its unbiased reporting and informative articles, presenting the true picture of the events and issues,” reads the resolution.
The city council approved Resolution 436, s. 2024 expressing support to the Commission on Human Rights’ move to establish a center of human rights education (CHRE) in all public and private academies in Baguio.
CHRE is one of the flagship subprograms of the CHR under the Human Rights Institute Program, which aims to strengthen a continuing program of research, education, and information for the primacy of human rights.
The CHRE will facilitate nurturing a human rights culture in academic institutions and communities where they are situated, as human rights can only be achieved through active and consistent demand of the people for their protection.
Further, human rights education promotes values, convictions, and attitudes that empower all people to maintain their rights and those of others. It constitutes a fundamental commitment to the long-term anticipation of human rights abuses, representing an important investment in the endeavor to attain a fair society in which all human rights of all people are valued and regarded.
In Resolution 437, s. 2024, Mayor Benjamin Magalong was urged to create a task force to prepare feasibility studies to support the creation of local economic enterprises (LEE) of city properties, as well as facilities to be acquired and operated by the city, to employ experts or consultants for this purpose, and to regularly furnish outputs to the city council.
The action is for sustainable economic growth and fiscal stability of the city government that requires innovative strategies and solutions, through LEE, to generate revenue, efficiently manage its resources, and improve the quality of services to the public.
The LEE will also provide new revenue streams, employment opportunities, and tax or fee exemptions or discounts for the residents, the resolution states.
The LEE would guide proper use and management of the Athletic Bowl, the Maharlika Livelihood Complex, the Baguio Center Mall, the plans to have a Baguio hospital, and a cancer and dialysis facility on top of all existing public assets, which can be enhanced through reasonable fees and taxes, ensuring their maintenance and sustainability.
The collection of garbage fees is also necessary to support and address environmental protection; and environmental taxes to help the city’s efforts to combat pollution and promote ecological conservation, effective management of waste and sanitation services for public health and environmental protection.
Through Resolution 424, s. 2024 the city council confirmed the memorandum of agreement between the city government and the Baguio Museum Inc.
Under the MOA, the city government will provide P800,000 financial assistance for the Baguio Museum, Inc.’s project, “Baguio Museum: Haven, culture hub, interactive museum.”
In separate resolutions, the city council concurred with the appointments of Fredda C. Jimenez as city accountant and Normita B. Ramon as city assessor.