July 13, 2024

Dear Manang,
My child is six years old and has been irritable lately. When he comes home from school, he usually has a hearty appetite for snacks and later dinner but now his head aches and he sits on the sofa rubbing his head. He has lower grades compared to when he began. It is only his games on the gadget that seems to make him happy. You might have some advice?
Marj of Lopez Jaena, Baguio City

Dear Marj,
Your son sounds like my girlfriend’s son too. Did you have your son’s eyes checked? My friend found out that her son’s eyes were affected by playing on his gadget. He was prescribed glasses by an optometrist after the pediatrician said that there was nothing wrong with the boy. My friend was relieved that it was not internal because sometimes headaches are more serious business. She worried that it might be a concussion or something. Please see your pediatrician first. I pray it will be the same and that an optometrist can solve the eye problem. But if I may say, please limit your son’s use of gadgets. New medical literature shows that the blue light of gadgets harms our eyes and leads to the use of glasses.
See a doctor,

Dear Manang,
I am ashamed to see a doctor because I think my boyfriend has infected me with a sexually transmitted infection. I have only Googled my symptoms and think that most of my symptoms are similar to STIs. I have had fever off and on for almost a week. I asked my boyfriend about his being unfaithful now that he has returned to Singapore but he says he is not sick. He now suspects me to be unfaithful. How is it possible that I only had sex with him and have STI and he is not infected?
Gammy of Tuding, Itogon, Benguet

Dear Gammy,
All the more you must see a doctor. You ask me about how you can be infected but your boyfriend is not for me to answer. Please ask Dr. Josefina Luspian in the “Medical Corner” because she is the expert. You are self-medicating and may be wrong about your disease because symptoms are common across so many other illnesses. But one experience a friend shared was when she found out that hepatitis B had similar symptoms. She acquired the hepatitis from her husband who in turn got the infection when he used the razor of an infected co-worker at work. It can be far-fetched but these things can happen. Go to the experts, please.
See the doctor,