January 29, 2023

Heads of institutional services departments (ISDs) of electric cooperatives in the country were told to redefine their mission in view of the changes in the power industry and in attaining the vision of sustainable development.
National Electrification Administration Chief Edgardo Masongsong called on the country’s ISD managers to reflect on how their departments would be relevant in the resolve to achieve sustainable development through rural electrification.
Among their other tasks, the ISDs are the electric coops’ link to member-consumer-owners (MCOs) by empowering them to become partners in protecting the interest of power cooperatives in line with the goal of attaining development in the countryside.
Masongsong, who spoke before ISD managers during the Philippine Association of Institutional Managers (Philaim) Summit held at the Benguet Electric Cooperative headquarters at South Drive, emphasized the need for the ISDs to revisit their mission statements if they want to remain as integral part of electric coops.
He said a lot remains to be done in pursuit of rural development and the ISDs play a big role in achieving this by strengthening their mission in MCO empowerment.
Among other concerns, electric coops are beset by structural changes brought about the Electric Power Industry Reform Act, including issues on franchise renewal.
Masongsong said the threats besetting electric cooperatives will remain as long as the MCO movement is not perceived as a powerful group to reckon with.
Philaim President Edna Diango said Masongsong’s challenge is a wake-up call for the ISD managers to be aggressive in organizing, mobilizing, and empowering the MCOs.
“This is a timely call. It will make the ISD managers go beyond the extra mile and think outside the box in making members feel that they are part of the operations of the electric coops and are not just consumers of electricity,” Diango said.
“The challenge will make us, the ISD managers, prove our relevance. We will take on the challenge and continue working on empowering the MCOs.” – Jane B. Cadalig

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