July 14, 2024

Last week I saw enforcers of the Public and Order Safety Division giving a citation ticket to an itinerant vendor along Session Road.
The vendor was eking out a living yet the POSD took away his ware for which he will have to borrow money to pay for them. I wonder what POSD will do with the confiscated vegetables he was selling.
I understand the POSD is clearing the pavement to make it easy for pedestrians. But such itinerant vendors carry a bag, a plastic tray or similar container of their wares, which are usually vegetables.
How much inconvenience can they cause? They do not occupy much space than a beggar or a busker.
Any day, there are such vendors along Session Road. Thus, it is a cat and mouse game. It is the unlucky vendor to be caught by POSD enforcers.
For goodness sake, these vendors are just making an honest living. — PETER CHONG, Baguio City