March 27, 2023

Several times in my life I’ve always wanted to become a leader, a leader to others, a leader to many, and a leader to myself.
When I was in grade 7, my dream to become a leader was fulfilled when I was elected as a WATCH president. I assumed before it was a great achievement but as I grew up and slowly entered the world of reality, I think becoming a leader is not only a dream to be achieved, but it a journey of personal changes and changing for others.
I always say responsibility equals new opportunity. I am a student leader and I am building a career from it. For some, being a student leader is a burden in their academics, but I have never thought that it was, because here, I learned to listen, I was taught to talk, and the most significant realization, I saw the real efforts of our leaders.
I was also taught to work – work for others not because it is my responsibility, but to work in believing through my own steps, I can influence and inspire others, especially my juniors, to become great leaders in the future.
It is not easy to be a leader. A lot of obstacles have to be faced but at the end of the day, a simple smile from others is enough for me to wake up the next day and say “OK, let’s work again for the organization.”
As I said, I wanted to influence and inspire others. Why? Because my becoming a leader started by being influenced and inspired by our public officials. I have to say, I love being of service to people, especially the youth of Baguio, and yes, I am starting with my school organization, serving them with all my heart.
There are a lot of hardships and sacrifices in being a student leader, in terms of organizing the events, activities, and your plans and in terms of time and other aspects of the life of a student.
With all the adversity of being one, I have my family who supports me to make my being a leader successful. I have them throughout my journey, cheering me up and making me feel I am on the right path. My biggest thanks too to friends and fellow officers who support me.
Being a leader is one of the hardest things to handle. You always have to be ready. You always need to be strong and be the wall of your people. It always has something to do with you, as a future leader and as a shaper of the future. Be a leader in your own way, be a leader in your own strategy. Always be selfless because being a servant is not about you, it’s about the people around you.

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