July 19, 2024

Jab well done

May I share some of my observations during the anti-Covid-19 vaccination at Benguet State University in La Trinidad, Benguet last Sept. 2.
I was one of the individuals who was inoculated that day and I cannot help but express my positive impression on how the vaccination drive of the local government unit is being implemented there.
I observed that the process involved are substantial and every process, not to mention the ushering, is adequately manned or taken care of by polite individuals.
With such strategy, I observed that those involved in the vaccination drive seem comfortable with their assigned tasks and not overworked.
Another process I observed to be important especially for lowly citizens like me is the orientation part wherein residents were informed what vaccine is about to be administered, including dos and don’ts after receiving the first dose. It was simple but concise.
With the satisfactory services given during that vaccination morning, I can say that the vaccination activity was well-planned and executed.
Thank you to all the personnel behind this endeavor to fight the virus confronting us. — MARTIN DELA TRINIDAD, La Trinidad, Benguet