July 21, 2024
CORPORATE CUP 2022 WINNERS — James Wright Café composed of Arnel Peil, George Punasen, Eric Dion Espadero, and Socrates Suayan raised their individual and team trophies after leading local teams that emerged as champions in their respective groups in the prestigious Corporate Cup 2022 held at Camp John Hay on March 29 to 31 with more than 50 teams in the country joining the tournament. — Harley Palangchao

Homegrown James Wright Café, Camp John Hay Dev’t Co., and Baguio Blue Bloods Wackers emerged as the best local teams winning championship trophies in this year’s edition of the prestigious Corporate Cup held at Camp John Hay on March 29 to 31.
Igorot golfers George Punasen, Arnel Peil, Eric Dion Espadero, and Socrates Suayan powered James Wright Café located at Lower Session Road with solid 135 points on day one and collected 129 more points on day two for a total of 264 points en route to the championship finish in group 2.
Playing team manager Espadero had the best start for the team on day one with 47 points. Espadero and his teammates are the same players who gave homegrown Valley Bread championship trophies in the past staging of the Corporate Cup.
Placing second in group 2 is Camp John Hay Golf Club with 262 points courtesy of players John Gerald Marasigan, David Charles Baguilat, Manny Solis, Jr., and Hur Yun while Spann and Bunker GolfTour composed of Rhodel Rivera, Querubin Alcantara, Jonathan Ilagan, and Ronano Rivera placed third with 255 points.
Baguio golfers Warren Lee Dagupon, Goody Ignacio, Dai Tsuchiya, and Ramir Badua powered MC Lanting Security Specialist Agency, Inc. to a second place finish in group 1 with 275 points. 
The 66-year-old Ignacio emerged the individual top scorer in group 2 with 101 points and the second overall individual scorer next to Nelson Roa of Moto team with 105 points.
Forest Hills Megafiber topped the group with 282 points while The Forest Lodge composed of Shean Bedi, Ramon Escaño, Jayson Yu, and Monet Garcia placed third with 270 points.
The Baguio Blue Bloods Eagles composed of Nick Ventura, Ellerton Dangatan, Tony Fernandez, and Arnold Tolding placed third in group 3 with 230 points. MJJC/Caana Golf Team topped the group with 243 points followed by Primefoam, Inc. with 234 points.
Baguio Blue Bloods Wackers composed of Douglas Rufino, Derek Bautista, Philip Lo, and Philip Kiat-ong rallied on day two with 130 points from a 193-point production on day one for a total 249 points to top group 4. Lo won the individual highest score in the group with 94.
Newly-established J3S Hydro Corp. composed of Rey Angel, Noel Lamsis, Franky Miranda, and Nico Valencerina placed second with 239 points followed by Team Ambrose with 199 points.
In the seniors division, Camp John Hay Dev’t. Corp. emerged as the top winner among local teams winning group 3 with Rafael De Tagle, Jr., Mario Benitez, Jaime Cacho, and Bong Mandapat, Jr. powering the team with 223 points. 
Solibao Restaurants, Inc. composed of Joseph Galera, Nerio Gonong, Young San Por, and Andres Go placed third in the same group with 196 points while Nippon Scafoldings and Formworks Group placed second with 209 points.
The Manor composed of Bob Sobrepeña, Jimmy Borromeo, Ronald Samaniego, and Ramon Cabrera placed third in the senior group 2 with 225 points with Borromeo as the team’s top scorer with 80. – Harley F. Palangchao