July 21, 2024

OUR TITLE TODAY literally translates in English: “So, you (already) know, from now on?” Or, “And, next time you already know?” Or, stated simply: “now, you know?”
THIS NABALOI EXPRESSION (EXPR) is usually said (or asked!) some (one), after an experience – or a series of it – known or gone through by both speaker and audience. And
USUALLY, THE ASKED one replies in the affirmative – or, ‘for the better’, like: ‘yes, of course’; or, ‘yes, so.. from now on~’; or, ‘yes, I think so’; et cetera. Unless
OTHERWISE, HE DIDN’T understand the question, and he’ll request for a: “What was that you’re saying.. again?”
IN THESE MOST recent instances that we were successively visited with floods, rain, sad or negative news – as reflected on radio or TV and other sources, aforesaid EXPR Jet, amta yo ma? has been repeatedly said and heard among Nabalois.
[IN THE NATIONAL Language, the regular translation of the EXPR would be: “(at) ngayon, alam nyo/mo na?”].
DURING THE TAAL explosions, we’ve heard the EXPR said – over and over, in the electronic Media, to serve as a tool for: reminding, lessoning, guiding, warning, and reforming.. from the harsh and devastating Taal Volcano experience. It is usually said at the beginning (or at the end) of a statement as in: Ngayon, alam nyo na? ang paghahanda ay kinakailangan! (Transl. Now, you know? Readiness is necessary!” Or, “Readiness is necessary, EXPR?”). But back to the Nabaloi EXPR applications.. this time in relation to this year’s most recent and dangerous threat or crisis: the virus ‘pandemic’.
THE FEARS LINGERING in almost every heart of the people, at the end of the day, they can’t help but exclaim: “it’s so good we have those frontliners.. if not for them, how could we manage?” Or, “..and those private, non-official volunteers.. they don’t ask for anything in-return!” Or, “Hon. X local official too – like LGU Honorables Y and Z.. they’re mighty doing good for their constituents, aren’t they”
[SOME NEIGHBOURS LISTENING and ‘Playing the D’ say in Countenance:].
“YES, BUT ONLY a few of them, the cum conscientiae ones. The others are just ‘freshly enjoying’ their Quarantines or what have they?”
‘OKAY. LET’S JUST say: their sparks of heroism and conscience are yet to come. After all, don’t we all sing: “Alab ng puso, sa dibdib mo’y buhay!?”
AND SO, WE should already know.. Amta tayo mala? But candidly: do we need to be reminded.. always, ever? That
NOT ALL WHO ‘appear to be~’ are who are? [Though, after counter-consideration, we may realize: he, is already is?]. Ergo,
IN CHOOSING OR trusting (and believing!) who our leaders –formal, informal, or elected (they) may be, we should: stop, look hard and closely, before we jump! Ain’t that so?
AH, THE OTHER extreme, should be easier: once you’re believing ‘in’ someone’s leadership, there is no need to ‘Abandon ship!’
RATHER, DO IT the Schaupenhauer way: Sit back, pull off your shoes, relax and say: sumus in eadem navi! We are in the same boat. [There is no need to shake it, is there?].
DURING THESE TIMES, Frontliners are difficult to find; maybe because a great many of them start basically in-heart as volunteers; or some of them have already been there for sometime, by reason of their calling or profession, i.e. they had founded themselves there, yet prior.
THOSE WITH CONSCIENTIAE and in-power are even fewer; and even if they’re there, if they are surrounded by those who don’t think nor feel like them, what could we expect – logical or consequential?
BUT WE HAVE ourselves.. and our families respective, as ‘basic units of the society’ – to really hope for and hope with! Ne disperemus, let us not despair; hold on. Onbilabilay kito, matago tago tako am-in!