December 1, 2023

An article was featured recently in a national newspaper about couples avoiding their reception of the sacrament of marriage because it is expensive.
Mass weddings are also provided by the Catholic Church at no expense or at minimal cost. One pair of ninong and ninang is enough. Sometimes couples plan an elaborate wedding, making the celebration “extravagant.”
But sometime ago, it featured how a practical couple who got married had their wedding reception at McDonald’s! That was a very sensible move for the couple because receiving the sacrament of marriage is far more important than the “trimmings”, visuals, and externals that we see to impress the guests.
A grand ig celebration can follow later on, if they want, such as during the spouse’s anniversary. The cost of expensive wedding receptions can instead be used as the couple starts their lives together in their new home.
This also avoids the worry about depleted savings after a costly nuptials.
In fact, during the pandemic, church weddings were celebrated and the receptions were held at the home of the bride or bridegroom. Wedding guests were few to comply with the social distancing then. Fortunately, it was also an opportune reason to cut on expenses. So the would-be husband and wife are encouraged to receive the most essential element of married life – the sacrament of matrimony, at the least financial expense.
These are some of the providential lessons on life learned during the pandemic – to do what matters most and to live a simple life.
We wish that betrothed copukes start their life together with joyful hope, by first receiving the sacrament of matrimony, that will provide them the grace to live a truly happy and lasting married life.