June 1, 2023

With the possibility of local transmission of the Delta variant in the region, the Department of the Interior and Local Government enjoined local government units to enforce ordinances, omnibus guidelines, and minimum public health standards (MPHS) to keep the public safe, prevent the entry and spread of the Delta variant, and to strengthen their capacity to deal with potential surges.
“All LGUs are reminded of their roles in the implementation of the Prevention, Detection, Isolation, Treatment, and Reintegration (PDITR) strategy especially in the midst of the threat of the Delta variant,” said DILG-Cordillera OIC Director Araceli San Jose.
She reminded the public while the government is strengthening the PDITR implementation at the local level, the best defense against any Covid-19 variant is still the correct and consistent adherence to the MPHS and getting vaccinated.
“Strictly ensure the adherence to MPHS in your localities, including social distancing and mandatory and proper wearing of face masks and face shields,” she said.
San Jose urged local governments to guarantee the efficacy of the government’s Covid-19 vaccination program and the implementation of information, education, and communication campaigns to continuously increase vaccine demand.
San Jose said LGUs should immediately locate and isolate Covid-19 cases, and ensure confirmed patients are immediately quarantined in a facility, with strict observance of infection prevention and control protocols.
“There should also be an established dedicated Covid-19 hotlines and ensure the continued operations and sufficiency of local quarantine facilities”.
Contract tracing teams should immediately conduct back-tracing of up to the third generation of close contacts of confirmed Covid-19 cases and strictly enforce localized/granular lockdowns and to facilitate contact tracing and prevent further transmission.
Further, border control should be intensified while the local chief executives will lead the aggressive mass vaccination and faster contact tracing, testing, and isolation of patients infected with the virus and to consider having a dedicated facility for Delta variant cases and contacts. –Press release