December 6, 2023

Diseases are scary but this one is the scariest – Covid-19, enough to send shivers down one’s spine.
The warning signs slowly cropped up late 2019, but no one seriously gave notice. It only took a couple of days, weeks, and months before it ballooned into an unprecedented event which caught mankind off guard.
The Covid-19 pandemic is no laughing matter and should be taken seriously. No ifs and buts about it. With all the warnings, reminders and guidelines on the safety and health protocols, people should be extra cautious.
But people may ask: Why should I be when I don’t show any symptoms? Numerous cases stem from asymptomatic patients. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. There are triggers. That is why frontliners constantly remind the public to follow the simple rules to stem the tide: Social distancing which is three feet or more apart; constant washing of hands, wearing of face mask and shield. If you are tired of hearing and reading this constant reminder, bear in mind it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Why should we care? This is a global problem, not just a problem of a city, or a country. We are all affected. Business losses are unprecedented, lives are changed. This is the new normal that we have to live with. Until and unless vaccines are given to the general populace to achieve herd immunity, prevention is better than cure. We must do all we can to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and others from being infected.
People are getting anxious, depressed, and uncomfortable but who can blame them? This is a burden of our already complicated life. But there’s hope. With the vaccines being prepared against the virus, we can be vaccinated to face the new normal which we should accept as part of our daily lives.
Do we accept the notion that the disease is here to stay, just like for example, the common cold? Let me ask you this then: Do you want any of your loved ones, friends or yourself sick with this virus? Then by all means, do everything right in preventing the spread of this blight.