December 4, 2022

The Department of Health and the Commission on Population and Development (Popcom) have renewed their call to stakeholders, particularly local government units, to continue the provision of family planning as one of the vital and essential health services, especially during this pandemic.
The DOH and Popcom will have a joint event for the National Family Planning Month this August with the theme, “Usap tayo sa family planning atbp.”
It will be anchored on the principles of informed choice and promotion of open conversations about family planning and allied topics.
The celebration is aimed at integrating the messaging on family planning within the context of sexual and reproductive health during health crises; sexually transmitted infections including HIV infection, which can lead to AIDS; informed choice and responsible parenthood; and adolescent health and development.
Regional offices of both agencies will also conduct local events such as online press conferences, webinars, and social media campaigns to generate attention on the importance and benefits of family planning in promoting the overall health and wellness of the Filipinos.
In 2020, a total of 8,085,000 Filipinos used modern family planning methods, a six percent increase from last year.
However, there were also reports on dropouts, which can be attributed to difficulties in accessing family planning services due to Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns.
“The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event that has put the world to a standstill, yet the Philippines still managed to make progress in FP. We commend our service providers and partners in the field for their unwavering dedication and efforts in making sure that family planning services are available and accessible, especially during these trying times. This is a testament that the pandemic should not be a hindrance to pursuing open conversations and continuous service provision in family planning for our kababayan,” Health Sec. Francisco T. Duque III said in a news release.
“Protecting ourselves from Covid-19 is as equally important as shielding our families from the burden of unintended pregnancies that may hinder our nation in achieving secure and comfortable lives we aspire for every Filipino family, thereby allowing our nation to reach its full economic productivity potential and improve educational outcomes,” said Usec. Juan Antonio Perez III, Executive Director of Popcom. – Press release