April 2, 2023

The Regional Project Monitoring Committee-Cordillera is encouraging its counterparts in the provinces to conduct monitoring and validation of projects in their localities during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
 “With this pandemic we could not move so much, we have some limiting factors to really undertake monitoring in the provinces, so may we request the Provincial Project Monitoring Committees to do monitoring including regional projects,” Department of Budget and Management-Cordillera Director Irene Gahid said during the 3rd Quarter RPMC meeting in Baguio City.
Gahid, RPMC vice chairperson, appealed to the different PPMCs to monitor the different projects being implemented in their localities particularly the critical and big ticket projects as the RPMC has not conducted project monitoring around the region in the past months due to the Covid-19 situation.
 She also urged the implementing offices of the different projects from the big ticket and regional projects down to the provincial, municipal and barangays to be proactive in supervising and validating projects to ensure that these are implemented according to the specified specs and timeline.
 PPMCs also should conduct regular monitoring activities in projects being undertaken in insurgency-affected areas or those included as ELCAC-related projects which are mostly being done in municipalities and barangays, Gahid said.
 “We continue to work despite Covid-19 but ensure safety in undertakings, it is better to be safe than sorry,” she said. 
The RPMC has been emphasizing that widespread on-site monitoring and inspection at the local level is particularly crucial with the current administration’s efforts for a whole-of-nation approach to ending the local communist armed conflict. 
 In a previous meeting, the National Economic Development Authority-Cordillera presented the framework of Executive Order 70, which created the Task Force Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict program to alert the local project monitoring committees on the need to monitor projects in influenced barangays. 
 The local committees are required to submit Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System forms to the DILG and RPMC for consolidation.
 The RPMC also asked the DILG to take the lead in making sure that the local PMCs in the provinces and even in the municipalities would be pro-active in their monitoring and validation activities. Through the DILG, PMCs should also enhance their strategies in conducting monitoring during the pandemic to ensure safety against the Covid-19 virus. 
 The RPMC composed of government agencies, civil society organizations, and local government units, is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of priority programs and projects implemented in the region, particularly those that are encountering implementation bottlenecks and those projects that are worthy for replication. The RPMC ensures that projects that are encountering challenges and delays are being facilitated to ensure completion. – Redjie M. Cawis